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06-04-01, 11:10 PM
Am looking at a horse on the weekend and if it is the one I am after, wish to make it subject to a vet check. Do I offer 10% deposit subject to a vet check. Is this reasonable? Anyone had experience with this?

07-04-01, 12:47 AM
yes it does sound reasonable BUT make sure you get a guarantee in writing that your deposit is refundable if the horse shows anything wrong in the vet check or you change your mind.

Always get receipts and agreements in writing.

best of luck.

07-04-01, 02:17 AM
One thing that some people do is have a holding deposit whicj sounds fairly similar. The holding deposit is non refundable it is usually around the $1000.00 whether or not you pay this is up to you. It also depends on the horse and how much you are paying for it. I have found that even with a holding deposit some people will still sell the horse from under you. If you like the horse arrange for the vet check asap even find out which vet you may use and tentaviely talk to them about when they would be available that gives you a fairer idea of what to do. I looked at a horse last year and they wouldn't take a holding deposit they said the horse is on the market and the first person to pay the money could take him. These people were quite well known and knew that the horse would sell easily so it was then up to me to arrange the vet check asap.

07-04-01, 02:26 AM
I bought my horse 12 weeks ago subject to a satisfactory vet check, meaning the horse had to be 100% sound. I also took the option of having a blood test which a sample was kept by my vet and the owner so that if any strange behavior occurred weeks after purchase I had evidence so to speak.

I put down a refundable deposit of $500.00 based on the result of the vet check, and also got it in writing with both parties signing the agreement.