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07-04-01, 03:23 AM
Meredith, Me the horseman - She the women, it is the same in my house hold. While growing up as a child I heard all the same from my father who came 5th in our family, horses, sister, myself, dogs than daddy who worked all day long and had to wait for his dinner till we came inside or fix his own.
But for the love of our horses if our other half sticks around while winging? hang onto them.
Before my wife and I had children she came to every horse show I went to, now I won't allow her to bring the children until they are old enough to get out of the way by themselves. Even though she has a winge of spending to much time with the neddies I know she misses watching me compete.
I better get back to work if I want time of for Sydney!!!!
See You

07-04-01, 04:00 AM
While I agree in principle with you Gr, I guess it's a matter of how MUCH whinging. If it gets to the level of becoming emotional blackmail or abusive, then it is not acceptable. But if the whinging is an indication of some kind of imbalance (and the person on the receiving end needs to be able to see this) then fair enough. Being in a relationship is about sharing, caring, allowing each others needs to be met, however that might be acheived, without detriment to the other or the relationship.

I apologise for the over simplification of the dynamics of human relationships, but I guess you will know what I mean :-)

08-04-01, 06:06 AM
You show me a woman who is allowed to be herself. We all seem to have to change to meet their needs. I did all the sharing caring bit but it was never enough, he was always on about the time i spent with the horses. If i didnt sit and have coffee with him i had no time for him, the list goes on and on. I gave up rodeos and shows and sold horses i didnt want to part with to keep the peace, but it still wasnt enough. The race horses were fine when they were winning but when not he hated horses, as says they eat your money and give you nothing in return. Who wants to be rich and miserable. Id rather be happy and living life you cant take it with you. So to all men out their who truly are one offs look after your women and horses and you have to both be individuals. I have been someone else for too long but am now back on track. He got the car and i got the horses. will be looking for a 4/5 horse truck when the property sells if any one knows of a good reliable rig. I love the quote, IF YOU LOVE SOMETHING SET IT FREE IF IT COMES BACK ITS YOURS. Cheers