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worry wort!
07-04-01, 04:56 AM
hey everybody,
i am very worried about my horse!she is 14.1hh and 18 yo according 2 her brand!she is a beautiful quater horse mare!but lateley i have noticed her back swaying,i ride with a gel pad and a thick saddle blanket and a light wintec 500 saddle!can someong plz tell me more about horses and when thier backs sway!what is it all about!i know it's about getting old!what can i do 2 help her!and i guess it doesn't help her but she has an arthritic hind leg!what can i do to help her!what can i feed her to help her with her slightly sway back and arthritic leg!she also lateley looks as if u can see her ribs but i can't even feel her ribs over her fat?is it wrinkles

07-04-01, 07:42 AM
stress not worry wort.. just think of your horses back like your own.. as humans get older we get shorter.. thae effect of gravity... horses have the same problemo.. except the spine being the wear and tear area is horizontal and has do move down towards the ground to respond to gravity.. the spine has as you know cartalidge between the bones and as the horse ages these wear and the weakest area of the spine is that bit we sit on behine the withers! so hence where you get sagging. I would say dont stress... natural occurrance.. ensure a good fitting saddle... regular excersize to build up the back muscles( maintain) balance weight not too fat or thin.. try devils claw additive for arthritic leg.. hope that is of some help!

worry wort!
08-04-01, 12:39 PM
hey anja,
thanx that was alot of help,i will stress less!it's nice 2 know that!
love ya alwayz becky!

09-04-01, 12:36 AM
Hello worry wart. I have the same thing with my 24 year old mare. Of course she has had a "shaped" back for a while but just lately (past month or so) it seems more obvious than usual and I swear the ribcage has dropped another cm. away from the spine (have no idea if this is possible but that's what it LOOKS like). I worry about it too - everyone just says "Oh, she's getting old!" but it seems wierd that it should be happening so suddenly. I seem to remember something similar happening last winter (though not so dramatically)but in summer she looked OK again. (She's got plenty of weight on her and I work her lightly 5 times a week for about 30 mins.) So maybe it's something to do with the time of year? But I do sympathize - of course it's natural but it's awful seeing your horsie starting to look really old!! An unwanted reminder that they don't live forever!

09-04-01, 12:44 AM
I dont suppose you could tell the name of this horse, I am just wondering if it is the horse I bred

09-04-01, 04:57 AM
Its good if you could find out her age.
have you got her teeth done latley?well next time you do just ask if he/she could check her age.

Taz (Guest)
11-04-01, 01:27 AM
No Kt, it was a horse you had before leasing it on, not one you "bred"

11-04-01, 06:29 AM
Maybe not the case,Taz, as i am actually wondering who this horse is, would she have 3 white stockings and a wide blaze.

Taz (Guest)
11-04-01, 12:11 PM
My apoligies. I mistook you for someone else. She has one white sock and a star and stripe. Liver chesnut. Brand is 13 with R in a circle.