View Full Version : This is the news we are seeing

15-10-07, 01:12 AM

this is the news that we in America and other countries i believe are receiving about EI...

15-10-07, 02:29 AM
thank you Trebol, I shall go and check out the link, probably more up to date than here in Queensland, Australia.!! LOL

In the final moments whats important is who is holding your hand and whose hands you have held!

15-10-07, 04:08 AM
I subscribe to their newsletter (it's free), which gets sent out once a week I think. There's a link to all the EI news, and any new information in the newsletter, as well as a bunch of other interesting stuff.

15-10-07, 05:13 AM
It reads as if all horses are being vaccinated, which is certainly not the case, only the precious TB's get the vaccination, because they are revenue raisers.

15-10-07, 06:31 PM
I have a friend here who subscribes to this site too...and we were talking about EI.She believed that EVERY horse was recieveing the vaccines. I explained to her that just wasn't the case. None of us can believe that you all are being denied access to the vaccines AND typical government is in a state of denial until proof jumps up and bites them in the butt.
I feel for you all and am doing my best to help you all and get you any info you need to combate EI if your horses come down with it.