View Full Version : Sydney Royal stabling is a joke!!!!!!

07-04-01, 12:48 PM
Well managed to survive the first day, but what a joke that place is! Couldn't get a stable so the office people put me in a wash bay out the back!
I was only one of a lot of people without a stable or anywhere in fact to get the horse ready. I couldn't believe the ammount of stables without horses in them. When I asked the office people about using one just for the day I was told they were all booked! Even though the people who booked them wasn't comming onto the grounds until next week, no-one could use the empty stables.
Alot of arguments went on at the horse office!!!!
At least I managed to book and pay for a day stable for the 18th April, my Buckskin day!
I definatly won't be attending next year.

07-04-01, 02:05 PM
I to had a run in with the stableing but of a different kind. My horse ripped his head open on one of the screws that hold the stables together. as they are temporary stables. I had to compeet with blood all down my horses face and with padding under his brow band to stop it from rubbing. I hope you will be carfull and have someone watching your horse so this will not happen to your horse. I also hope you do well in what you are going in!!!

08-04-01, 05:58 AM
Hi guys, well I didn't get a stable either, though having just one horse, we got ready in the day carpark, (nice and quiet) walk across 1/2 an hour before my class and walk back to the float after the class. It wasn't as bad as I thought. Sorry to here about your accident Liz that would have been awful.

08-04-01, 12:34 PM
Gee Liz hope your horse is Ok, I saw a horse put his head straight through the blue canvas stuff dividing the stables, and he bite the horse next to him!
They must of wacked the stables together pretty quickly for these things to happen.
ABBYJOE - what classes were you in, a shame I couldn't get to meet you? I finally met horse_guy_17, he is such a nice person.

09-04-01, 03:03 AM
Sorry to hear you guys having such bad luck.We were up for just 2 days and going back next Friday for 6 days.
On a brighter note, we arrived put the pony in his stable (which it seems we were lucky enough to secure!) and found ourselves next to the same nice people we were camped next to at Canberra Royal. The weather was glorius, the kids had a ball and the beer was cold. No hiccups whatsoever and the security guys on the gates were great (one even offered to carry my hay to the stable for me from the feed shop!
Hope it all goes as smoothly next week.
The only gripe I'd have would be the darn Clydie that kicked the stable walls all night so not much sleep.