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Wendy M.
07-04-01, 03:36 PM
Hi to my fellow sandgropers... Wondering if there is a smart cookie out there that can tell me where I can get my horses weighed.. preferbly north of the river. I know murdoch does it but seems like a long way to go, just to weigh two nags. thanks :-)

08-04-01, 02:34 AM
I had mine weighed at Gnangara sand pit, you know where they weight the trucks, off that road that goes north from Gnangara Rd and they fill the sand trucks (cant remember the name but it is near the turn off for horseman's pony club) It was at a long distance ride htat they had organised to start from there so it might not have had anything to do with the sand people, but it would be worth a sweet talk and maybe a carton to the right guy!

08-04-01, 08:27 AM
You could try woodyards or similar places. I know Kelly's Woodyard on Beechboro Rd had a weighbridge (it's out at the moment, I think for repairs) so other places may have one as well. Worth a try. Good luck.

08-04-01, 06:57 PM
surely there must be a vet clinic north of the river that has a horse weigh pad?? charlie Stewart from Saddleback Vet clinic in Canning Vale has one.. just near his crush.. is that what you mean?

chinners (Guest)
10-04-01, 09:32 AM
Hi Wendy.
Find yourself a public weighbridge (sometimes listed in UBD or try the yellow pages) or you may try ringing some of the saw-mills, wood-yards, seed-works etc around the place. We weigh our horse at the local seed-works(in Moora). They charged us $5 last time.
Load him up, weigh the float, car and everything else. Then unload him (or drop him off home) and weigh it all again. Don't forget to make sure everything that was on board the first time is on board the second, including you!!