View Full Version : EFA NCAS Level 1 Training

08-04-01, 03:23 PM
Have other people found it hard to get signed off for simple workbook tasks?
At a recent workshop at Werribee I was amazed to see not one candidate get signed off for anything.
I am beginning to feel like the hip pocket is the only way to get by.
How many people fall by the wayside due to feeling this qualification is unobtainable?

09-04-01, 05:33 AM
Mmmm, I fell by the wayside, then lamented the fact here on this forum and opened a big can of worms. Surprisingly for me at leat I got some replies that restored at least a little faith in the system, maybe at least for the future. But I have faced the fact that I am not thick skinned enough as it stands!

10-04-01, 09:43 AM
I think in fairness here, this really needs to be clarified. I wasn't there 'frustrated' but I've been through the system (successfully) and would just like to say a few things.

Was the riding and teaching by the candidates good enough to pass their final assessment? That's the way it has to be or else the candidates sail through under the pretence they're doing it all right, and then they're in for a huge shock when they do the final assessment. How fair are the coaches if they sign off tasks which are not up to standard?

I found once I got the basics down pat for teaching, I was able to get heaps signed off very quickly. But at first, all our group were quite dismal. This workshop would have been one of the first for the new group I assume, being this early in the year?

It really is a good course where you learn heaps and make lots of friends. And provided you do the work and plan correctly, does not cost the thousands of dollars touted by some.