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09-04-01, 06:52 AM
anyone know anything about some western show or similar happening over Easter in Werribee. I have heard this but can find any dates or info anywhere.....I want to got but need info ...HELP

09-04-01, 06:56 AM
I think you mean QH Congress.

10-04-01, 07:00 AM
Yes! you mean the Congress.
You can go and watch but entries closed ages ago.
All the feature events are on Friday night and theres even a rodeo on near the arena Saturday night.
I going to watch the features Friday night.
Our house sitter from Tassie is competing there so I have to be the fanclub LOL!

10-04-01, 12:52 PM
We usually go down to see John Farnham, does anyone know the timetable yet for him? Normally we see him somewhere but doubt we will before the weekend.

11-04-01, 01:59 AM
Whats so special about John?
At a horse show he's justlike everyone else, human.
And thats the way we all treat him.
Now at a concert, well thats a different matter.LOL!

11-04-01, 03:35 AM
Did I imply I was a fan?? We share a common intrest in horses, and talk about it, we just have different competitions. I have several 'celebrity' friends, and i more than anyone else know that they are 'human' as you put it!!! After all, he did tell us he was going etc.All I asked was a simple question as to did anyone know when he had a cutting class or anything that is on for entertainment, as in a couple of years ago, on the saturday night, Crown sponsored something.

Burner (Guest)
11-04-01, 09:14 AM
o.k so its a QH congress. What is the feature on firday night? and when do thwey start. Anyone have anyidea how much a spectator ticket costs? Also can I look up the info on the net anywhere?