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Kanga (Guest)
10-04-01, 06:40 AM
Hi all you western showies, this is just to let you know that we have now started to post the paint show results! After a few teehing problems we have got it sorted but only have yesterday's (Sunday) POR results up as yet. Will post futurity results and todays results this evening. Go to http://www.adit.com.au/nswpha.html and follow the prompts. Enjoy!

10-04-01, 06:57 AM
Thanks Kanga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Caitlin (Guest)
10-04-01, 07:14 AM
Thanks from me too!

kt (Guest)
10-04-01, 07:52 AM
cannot get halter futurity results on the 8th on line

Christine (Guest)
10-04-01, 11:00 AM
Hi Magnet,went looking for your pic in the western breeds mag and lo and behold there is a pic beside you of a woman by the name of Lisa Streeter. I know this is a long shot, but do you know her at all?
The reason I ask is that I used to agist my horses at the same place as Lisa back in the 80's!!!
I did manage to keep in contact with her for a few years but lost track.
It's such a small world :)
She had appies way back then as well.


10-04-01, 11:52 PM
Hi everyone, hope your all having a great time at Dubbo.
I cant get the results from the monday P-O-R. Is this because they havnt been posted yet? or am I not doing the right thing to get them.
I can get the futurities and Sundays Hunter classes and thats it.

11-04-01, 01:57 AM
Your lucky!
I can only get three hunter classes.
Christine- Yes! I know Lisa, She still has Appies.
Her and her partner train for the public.
She is a great person, called my dressage test at the Nationals for me as I was too busy parying after my win to learn it.
I will see if I can find her number for you.
They live at Beaufort which is nowhere near Ballarat but close. LOL!

fairy (Guest)
11-04-01, 01:57 AM
It is so good to see that a few very forward looking people can put these things on the web what about the APPAYS and the Q's to hard for them ........Go the Paints.

11-04-01, 02:37 AM
Silly Me!
Must have been having a blonde moment LOL!
I didn't look at the futurity results as they were not up the top in order of dates.
Yay for Green Frog, a third in the Weanling futurity.

Christine (Guest)
11-04-01, 04:50 AM
Wow Magnet, thanks heaps for that. I thought it was a long shot asking if you knew Lisa or not. But it paid off..:)
If you have a chance to chat to her, ask her if she remembers Christine from Tanderra (Carrum Downs area?) had a paint gelding called Casper and a brumby colt, Picky. It was back in 1984,85,86. Not sure if she will remember me.

Although she and her sister Mandy used to give me heaps of help and I used to go to shows with them. I still have pics of the black appy mare they had Tar and her filly foal Feather.
Do they have either of them still??? Probably not, was a long time ago..


11-04-01, 08:59 AM
Still cant get results? Is it just me ( and I am Blonde, so go gentle on me) :D
This is so not fair, being at home while some of you are away having fun at the show.

Classic aka Christine
11-04-01, 11:08 AM
Hi DG, I can't get the results either and I'm a brunette..<g>


Kanga (Guest)
11-04-01, 11:59 AM
Sorry guys, yes still having teething problems with the results. Has been a very hectic couple of days and using borrowed ISP access so having some problems. Will try to get sorted asap. Futurity results should be OK. Others to follow will let u know.
Message from Greenfrog! Oh So Shameless won the 2YO WP today and Greenfrog is delighted. went really well. Shameless's fillies also did really well in halter & my foal won State Champ weanling gelding.
Down side is there is a nasty 'flu bug all the babies are getting which is really knocking them. My boy went down with symptoms tonight so looks like he is getting it too!!!
So a couple of days off now hopefully to get them right for the nationals but won't shpw them if not right by then.