View Full Version : Being parochial here - and making no excuses for it *grin*

Jan Heine
10-04-01, 11:15 AM
Two Victorians in the placings at Sydney Royal on the first day of showjumping - congrats to Richard Harman and the lovely Thorough Going on 4th in Part 1 and Brad Trewin and the beautiful bay mare Miss Sully on 5th place!!!!
Oh for those interested - also congrats go to Chris Chugg and Jaybee Schultz on winning the class - Vicki Roycroft and Luna Luna taking 2nd place and Ambivalent was 3rd - sorry but for the life of me I cannot remember who rides Ambivalent - think it was Tim Trey but not sure.
Also this is a test run with my registration - guess we are all having a play with this eh?! *chuckle*

10-04-01, 11:27 AM
Thanks for the update Jan and good on the Vics. Have to agree on Thorough Going - lovely, lovely horse. Andalusian/TB cross I think?

10-04-01, 01:41 PM
Hey Buddie--- Ring me soon please.I know you are busy,but a pony keeps coming to me in my dreams,saying Aaannnddiieeee tell Mum to ring you!!!

me and me
11-04-01, 01:04 AM
GO THE VICS!!! there is such rivalrey(sp?) between the states, too bad the vics always win!!! *grin*

Jan Heine
12-04-01, 01:13 AM
And some more Sydney Royal results from the Victorians!!! Group 3 saw Greg Smith from Tynong North in 3rd place on ARD Black Cat and Becky Allan from South Morang on the very cute spotty mare Lorikeet was 4th in the Group 3 class yesterday.
In Group 2 Richard Harman of Lilydale and Thorough Going and Greg Smith and Henry Higgs were part of a 4 way split for equal 5th placing.
Congrats to Richard - that makes two placings so far!!!
Oh ok so there are others competing at the show - Ronnie Easy is looking like cleaning up this show - he has already won and placed in most classes. Chris Chugg is there in the placings as is Vicki Roycroft and John Fahey.