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10-04-01, 12:08 PM
Is anyone going to be at hawksbury show this year?!
it is on the 27 28 29 of april i think....well the fri sat and sun!!

11-04-01, 02:08 AM
I'm there on the Friday and Sunday - see you there!

11-04-01, 02:21 AM
What classes are yoiu doing Lexie and Spider??

We will be there for the hacking on Sat and the breeds on Sunday!

Almost entered Bathurst but this was too close to go past!

danielle (Guest)
11-04-01, 02:26 AM
where is hawksbury, is it an agi show

11-04-01, 02:33 AM
Hi Jacki! Unfortunately I am not entering any classes, my horse is not sound at present, but I am heading up on Sunday to take a looksie/drool/perv at the breeds. Cheers, Spider. PS: Hope Sydney Show is good to you!

11-04-01, 02:38 AM
Can someone tell me if there is Buckskins on?
What day? thanks guys.

abbyjo (Guest)
11-04-01, 03:07 AM
Buckskins are on Sunday, entries closed on Friday 6th.

11-04-01, 04:45 AM
hey i am jumping on fri sat and maybe sunday!!
definatly fri and sat........i will also do my rider class and pony club hacking!

tkb (Guest)
11-04-01, 09:46 AM
I'm there Sunday for the breed classes

11-04-01, 10:09 AM
I'll be there to have a sticky beak! Not competing this year though!! Maybe we can all meet up!!?

jessie (Guest)
11-04-01, 10:54 AM
where is hawksbury and when do you have to enter by also is it an agi?

11-04-01, 11:31 AM
i totally think we should all meet up...that would be very sweet
i might be there on sunday as well!!
hawksbury is at clarendon showground....at richmond....bout an hour from Sydney sydney!!...entries closed on fri the 6th...but jumping isnt closed...i guess u can enter on the day for a few things!

Folly (Guest)
11-04-01, 11:56 AM
Hawkesbury is an ag show, it's probably the 2nd biggest one in Sydney after the royal, last year it was much bigger than Castle Hill.

Entries for the hacking closed last Friday, entries for the dressage close Wednesday 11 April, showjumping is enter on the day. Last year you could enter the hacking on the day but there was a one-off late entry fee of $20.

Hawkesbury is a really fun show, heaps to see and do apart from the horses!