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Mary Hanna (Guest)
10-04-01, 12:47 PM
This Scholarship is available to High Performance athletes, whose sport does not have Major Program Status at the VIS.
As a VIS Scholarship holder for three years, I highly recommend High Peformance Equestrians to apply for this Scholarship. It is not simply a matter of being handed a cheque, as recipients are required to participate in VIS activities and make a professional and well thought out program for their training, which must be submitted monthly.
I found that this Scholarship gave me a much more professional attitude to my sport and helped me greatly with focus and organisation, plus dealing with the stress of coimpeting at international level.
For an application or information contact the VIS on (03) 9290 8341 or fax 9686 2352.
Applications close on Friday 27th April 2001.
If you wish to know more about how this Scholarship applies to Equestrian Sports in particular, call me on (03)5426 1401 or fax 5426 1363, or e-mail statene@wilsonhanna.com.au
Mary Hanna, Chair, EFA Dresage Sub Committee.

Berni (Guest)
11-04-01, 02:27 AM
What a fantastic opportunity for Victorian based (very keen) dressage riders. We are always complaining about the lack of support for our sport, and here it is !!! A golden opportunity to receive some funding - get on the phone or e-mail Mary and find out more. GO!

Rosemary (Guest)
11-04-01, 06:12 AM
I wonder if anybody has enquired, either with the VIS or with Mary, about this Scholarship.

There must be heaps of enthusiastic and talented riders out there who could only benefit from this scheme. Sounds like you have to put in in order to take out .. so what??

If nobody applies, then we can wave this assistance goodbye ...

C'mon, guys !!! :-)

Bonnie (Guest)
11-04-01, 07:45 AM
We cant enquire ... We're in NSW .... :'( :'(

Tez (Guest)
11-04-01, 07:53 AM
I have always envied my friends who are on similar shcolarships with the VIS, but for sports such as athletics and basketball. What a fantastic opportunity this is! However how is a High Performance Athlete defined? Competing at International level, National level? I am a YR, my friends are on scholarship's for their age group, would the VIS offer YR scholarships for equestrian sports?

12-04-01, 07:13 AM
The EFA Vic. me last night and this Scholarship was discussed. It seems that if there are a number of applicants the EFA will endeavour to gain a 'team scholarship' So all you up and coming (and established riders too) get an application form and go for it.

Bonnie (Guest)
13-04-01, 12:31 AM
Just bringing this to the top ....... such a wonderful opportunity being offered here ......... damn being in NSW :'(

marie (Guest)
13-04-01, 12:56 AM
Wow! I am so thrilled to hear that there are programs of support out there, not that I'm in the running, but it is great to see that our sport is being recongnised in the way that it is. Thanks to all those whom would have pushed this.

13-04-01, 07:19 AM
There are lots of plans being made to give dressage a real kick along. Being part of a training squad would be a wonderful chance for a group of riders to take advantage of the momentum that has been created by having the Olymic Games here in Australia.

I do hope that the riders get behind this and put in their applications - we are much better to have too many, as if very little interest is forthcoming, the funds will go to another more 'worthy' sport.

I believe that the only way for Australia to improve - particularly in dressage - is for our sport to get the same recognition as say, swimming ot athletics - teams and funding is the beginning!

I am not to sure how the Showjumpers and eventers stand, but perhaps someone should look into that too.

Mary Hanna (Guest)
13-04-01, 09:31 AM
Just to give you some more information, this scholarship is open to all disciplines. We have also had some eventers being awarded the same scholarship.N.S.W. also has an Institute of Sport, and they support an Equestrian Team .If we get enough applicants we could also qualify to get full team support. This would mean a great number of riders getting support including more novice riders, young riders as well as elite competitors.I see this as a great boost to our sport, so even if you are not sure if you are good enough,still call Jamie Page at the Vic E.F.A. office for details and an application form. It needs to go through that office to be considered. Mary Hanna.