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Ktee (Guest)
11-04-01, 12:41 AM
I wagged work on friday to watch the Show Hunter classes at the Royal.(I RDO'd yesterday to watch the ANSA) I am interested in doing Show Hunter and thought the Royal would be the best.

What a disappointment. I expected a "spectacle" with the Show Hunters doing an exciting workout. Instead, all I saw was a workout suitable for pony club. One figure of eight (no flying change) and a circle of hand gallop. That was it.

The horses varied also, each owner believing their horse was of the Show Hunter type. Fair enough, but to me, the big grey in the 14.2/15 class represented what I thought was true Show Hunter class. A definate winner... not.

I'm not into judge bashing and hope this is not construed as such, but the placings were done in a very odd way (to me and those around me in the Members) The big grey (couldn't se the number)did a faultless workout, well ahead of those before, and was placed fifth.

The judge placed each competitor as they finished the (very short) workout. Some went up and some went down. In the end, a final place line up was presented to the crowd and I am sure the riders in ribbon places were well pleased. The judge then asked the line up to complete one circle and we accepted this was the judges way of lining up the winners to face the Members stand.

To much amazement, the judge pointed the steward to this and that horse and completely mixed up the "final" line up into something toally different. I am sure there were more than a few questioning riders and a thought "What's happening here" must have gone through the minds. Why bother placing horses as they finished the workout only to re-do the placings, in what seemed a haphassard way, at the end.

So, disappointing was the action and confusing was the judging.

Oh, and the big grey, it went from fifth to eigth in the last hoorah.


11-04-01, 01:51 AM
Hi Ktee,

The owner/rider of the "big grey" thought exactly the same as you and she was quite disappointed!

Never the less, that is the world of showing, with all its ups and downs.

She will be VERY pleased to know her opinion is shared by others!