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willo (Guest)
11-04-01, 02:47 PM
I have not long posted my own web page and am very excited, (have never done anything like this before!!!). Please visit and have a look around, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I can be found at:

Annabelle (Guest)
12-04-01, 03:03 AM
I went to your website, I thought it was cool! What is a BT, grad dip ed? Just curious. Now no more distractions please. I am busy procrastinating from studying right now! LOL! Good Luck with your web site. Any ideas on how to stop procrastination? I have to go now, I'm going loopy!

12-04-01, 03:08 AM
Hi Willo

May I be the first to congratulate you on a job well done! It is an interesting web site and I wish you all the best with your career :)

A few suggestions (hopefully constructive!)

1. Reduce the number linked pages by putting more on each page.
This way the reader doesn't have to keep clicking on the Next button but can simply scroll down to read all the info.

2. In regards to the above and just as a general observation, each page takes a long time to download and may be able to be optimized for better performance. You can test the performance of your site here: http://www.gifwizard.com/ plus see how it can be improved.

Hope this helps and again, good luck and best wishes.


Vanessa (Guest)
12-04-01, 03:49 AM

Great site !!!!!!! : )

willo (Guest)
12-04-01, 06:30 AM
Thanks for your help & suggestions guys, they are really appreciated.
Thanks again,

kaz (Guest)
12-04-01, 06:49 AM
I think it looks great and was not at all slow on my computer. What part of Victoria are you in?

willo (Guest)
12-04-01, 04:24 PM
>I think it looks great and
>was not at all slow
>on my computer. What part
>of Victoria are you in?
Cranbourne :)