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11-04-01, 03:37 PM
Is there anyone else out there currently riding a "Corporate Raider"? We own a TB gelding by this exceptional racehorse and he is full of ability and character, along with a lot of...hmmm...interesting idiosyncrasys (oh dear, I hope that's spelt right).
I'm simply curious to know what his other progeny are like - I'm told there are some outstanding showjumpers out there somewhere. I've also been told that all of the "Corporate Raiders" are slow to mature (I guess that means mentally??). Ours certainly seems to be in no hurry!!
He has never raced.... must have been a dud!! Recently an instructor said 'he couldn't gallop out of sight on a dark night!!' *grin*
Anyway, love to hear any feedback.

Lorraine (Guest)
12-04-01, 02:32 AM
I have a Corporate Raider 6 year old mare who is currently in foal to a Holsteiner, but I rode her a bit first and will ride her again afterwards. She is so quiet! Lazy in fact. Same as your boy, couldnt gallop to save her life, mind you she moves a bit from the bottom of the paddock at dinner time! About 16.1 and chestnut. Very nice type, scored elite on her classification. Some of them do have slightly offset front legs and/or dodgy knees. There are a few around doing well in jumpng and eventing, but as I am not involved with racing, dont know much about that side!

12-04-01, 04:43 AM
Yes, definitely "lazy" is the word for ours. Quiet. Chestnut. 6yo. Has placed Perth Royal hacking, so very nice type. Know what you mean about the front legs. Ours are ok, but both front feet, especially near side are a bit dodgy, hoofs grow uneven and need careful shoeing.
He's a bit of a clever bugger too. He's full of evasions and throws the odd tantrum.
He is a beautiful mover, really eye catching. Currently training novice dressage and starting out with 2/6 and 2/9 showjumping.
When is your foal due? What are you planning for it, given its parentage? Are you in WA or East?

Lorraine (Guest)
12-04-01, 07:53 AM
I am in WA, Bridgetown in the SW, come and visit anytime you are down this way! Foal is due September. I also have another TB mare (a Bold Invader) in foal to the same stallion. They went to the stud together and are paddocked together and are best mates, except Emma (the CR) is the boss and likes her food far more than the other mare!!!. I was given her as a failed racehorse, far too slow. And rode her for a while before I decided to send her to Jasper. Foals will both be superstar eventers, dressage horses or whatever!! Really just a hobby for me!

14-04-01, 11:58 AM
Might see you around, Lorraine. We have started to go to Hills showjumping at Parkerville and will be around the beginners eventing and associate dressage scene this and next year. We stay at Jenlow agistment, near Brigadoon, when we're in Perth.
I've just been told that Les Bunning has a Corporate Raider that jumps like a stag. I wonder if it's a nutter like ours!! LOL.