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SAM (Guest)
12-04-01, 03:24 AM
Does anyone out there know of the any "Raffindale" horses? Raffindale was a champion racehorse many years ago. I own a Raffindale who has a LOT of character, and is somewhat of a lion in a horse's suit. Have heard many other Raffindale's are the same. Can anyone help??

12-04-01, 06:18 AM
YES!!!! I have a raffindale baby...well he is 6 but still thinks he is a baby....FULL of character! Got him as a four year old off the track....was (and still cn be) very pushy on the ground and had an "attitude" under saddle....he seems to be settling down now.....full of personality I guess yoou could say!
A friend of mine has one a year younger who was 100 times wose than my guy - very dominant and naughty!
When I was at Wandin a few weeks ago Amanda Ross was riding one in the intermediate.....

Tell me about yours!

galloping (Guest)
12-04-01, 12:13 PM
Raffindale was a wonderful horse and lovely conformation. I saw him win at Flemington one day at huge odds - he took my breath away. It wasa during the Spring carnival. Lovely animal.

13-04-01, 06:07 AM
Hey Nez... (changed my user name)... thanks for your reply. I've been looking for other Raffindale owners for ages!! My boy is 12, and I've had him for about 7 years now (straight off the track). Absolute IDIOT for about 6 months, and then SLOWLY settled down. He was never "silly" when he was mucking up... he just thinks he's the man! He's a big animal- 16.3hh, and about 600+kgs. He's definately a one person horse, has been since the day I got him. He's very arrogant, won't do a thing anyone else asks him to do, (not good I know, but what can I say... I've tried). Very moody... one day he'll be soooooo quiet, the next cranky, flighty, playful etc. But just have to look at him to know what mood he's in. He bows and kisses on command. Fantastic mover (when he wants to), and jumps like a frog. I evented him for a while- had heaps of potential. Wonderful to go xcountry on. Oh, and he's grey (of course)

13-04-01, 06:27 AM
Hi Cory!

Sound just like my boy! (who is aptly named Raff!) Its like the floating thing - he goes on, just doesnt stay on, wants to run off. One day you think "gee he is improving" and then the next time, he is a complete turd and you have to start all over again!! He had (and still has to be constantly reminded)no concept of other peoples space, and liked to walk over the top of you......to ride, he is lovely actually, very balanced and light and not on the foehand like some TB's you get. Jumps really nicely too but I am a bit of a wimp! BUT! If he doesnt want to play, he doesnt want to play. Tends to get really nappy and rear, although he is getting much better. Or if, for instance like yesterday, wasnt going forward enough (he is very slow!), so I gave him a kick and he bucked, as if to say P$#s off!! Definate attitude!
That is so weird that your horse bows and kisses, cos Raff also bows, picks up things off the ground and takes the bit when I hold it up to him on command!
Raff is only 15.1hh, but he is a little chubby....people keep asking me if he is percheron cross or warmblood! And he is, of course, grey! Was a lovely steel dapple when I got him and is now very lightly dappled but I think he will go flea bitten :(
So there ya go! Are you in Victoria?

13-04-01, 07:06 AM
Belinda Dalzieln(daughter of race horse trainer and breaker Grant Dalziel) has a Raffindale and is eventing him. He is just out of Novice and about to go up a grade. He competed quite well at Camperdown recently.

Linda Goller's FEI dressage horse - Grand Affair is also by Raffindale. This horse was originally trained by Bob Cumminghame of Werribee and received his early dressage training with Gail Whitehead. During his time with Linda, he went up to Queensland and was ridden by Bennet Conn.

The Raffindale's have a reputation for being talented but hot.

They are the mostly beautiful greys, like their dad.

17-04-01, 05:14 AM
Hey Nez,

They sound like 2 peas in a pod... For all of Cory's "horribleness", I would never, ever be able to replace him!! He's my boy!! I like all his tantrums and mood swings etc, they make life interesting!!! If Raff is anything like Cory, he will go flea-bitten. Cory too was a lovely steel grey when I got him, now he is white with horrible brown spots everywhere! (If only they would keep their original colour). What do you do with Raff? Cory has been "semi-retired" for about 12 months due to an injury. But I'm planning on getting back into it all next year! I'm a bit of a wimp too, and getting worse the older I get (though I'm only 26), so I'll give eventing a miss, and just concentrate on dressage I think. Anyway, I'd love to be kept posted on Raff and his trials and tribulations (yours too). Email me!! Bye!! Oh, I'm in Qld.

jo liddle (Guest)
17-04-01, 05:20 AM
i owned a big grey by raffindale called blue raff. he had a mind of his own but was a fantastic eventer. blue also knew his limits and was a character in his own right. he could not be told but needed to know that he was not the boss. his dressage was fantastic especially when music was played in the indoor arena. another person who had a raffindale horse was David Irving of Ballengara Lodge in Sth Windsor.