View Full Version : What section would it be?

12-04-01, 07:25 AM
Question---If you put a Welsh section A stallion over a Welsh section B mare,What would the foal be?

12-04-01, 07:26 AM
As far as I am aware that makes it a section B!!

12-04-01, 07:38 AM
Definitely a Section B irrespective of what height it ends up.

goldy (Guest)
12-04-01, 07:54 AM
Stroudy, what colour foal did you end up with from your red dun mare bred to a flaxen chestnut stallion? Or is it someone else I'm thinking of?

12-04-01, 10:45 AM
Hi Goldy,yes it was me,but decided against breeding her.Now i understood that a section B pony had to be over 12hh,what if the foal didn't make 12hh,what do you do then

cwp (Guest)
12-04-01, 01:06 PM
It would be an underheight B, A X B is always A, only A X A can be an A. Can still be shown although it might look smaller than other B's. Info is in front of Welsh Stud Book.
Hope this helps.

12-04-01, 01:15 PM
Thanks everyone for that.Now thinking caps on again as I don't have the book.How do the section C ponies come to be?Meaning what is the breeding pattern?

12-04-01, 01:16 PM
cwp actually meant A x B is always B.

cwp (Guest)
12-04-01, 03:02 PM
oooops, thanks welshie, I did mean that - it pays to reread what you write!

13-04-01, 09:34 AM
Welshie,help!!! How do you get a section C pony?

13-04-01, 11:17 AM
Just take my stallion home for a couple of weeks! No, seriously, A x C = C, A x D = C or D, B x C = C, B x D = C or D.