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12-04-01, 08:41 AM
Well it has been awhile since I posted but I thought I would do an update on my two boys. Magic (who tried to remove kneecap) is now unbandaged and back in the paddock with the other two. Wound almost closed over but kept nice and moist with vasoline so that the last little bit of skin can grow - that's been since just before Australia Day.

Oakley who had fluid accumulating over his front kneecap appears to be sound and well with a little bit of fibrous tissue that I am treating with Duracusal and cortisone cream and sweating it in - just after Australia Day.

Phew Racing Suppliers have loved my credit card with medical supplies. If I have to see another roll of elastoplast in the next little bit I think I will croak.

I have just restarted both of them, with a few ferral moments, but after all that time out I guess that is to be expected.

Many thanks to the moral support of Arabian Lover, Jules P, Annette and many others who have offered support and advice since the accidents.

13-04-01, 12:44 AM
Kelly, glad to hear your horses are on the mend - you will be out and about in not time :-)

13-04-01, 02:29 AM
Hi Kelley,
good to see you and the boys are re-emerging. It's been a while!