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Lizzie (Guest)
13-04-01, 01:27 AM
Hurstbridge Horse and Pony Club presents their Inaugural Pony Club Challenge Gymkhana.
As a memeber of hurstbrige it would be great to see alot of people on the day, to raise funds for the club.
It is held on Anzac Day Wednesday 25th April. It will be held at our newish grounds.
Ribbons to 6th in every event. Champion and Reserve Rosettes. Highpoint award and rosette to highest scoring individual riders from each Age group.
There will also be a topsy ring and handy mount. Additionally for those more creative there is a fancy dress after lunch.

If you would like to enter you can pre enter (cheaper) or enter on the day.

All enquires welcome to:
Janet Barnard Brown- 9718 1194
Maggie McDonell- 9408 1598
email, hamag1@msn.com.au


ponytail (Guest)
14-04-01, 02:31 PM
Thanks for the info...We are knew to all of this and will certainly be there if only for the topsy ring.
Thanks for posting the info.

Lizzie (Guest)
16-04-01, 12:26 AM
Thats ok...anytime
Make sure you tell your friends...

qbh (Guest)
16-04-01, 01:36 AM
Are there open and pc rings? Will I need my grading card for the pc ring?

Also, is there anyone going who will be going through Warrandyte South and has an empty spot in their float, who wants a few quick bucks?

lizzie (Guest)
22-04-01, 07:20 AM
Yes there is a pony club ring, and yes you will need to bring your grading card...please come...i hope you can....tell alll your friends...

qbh (Guest)
22-04-01, 10:14 AM
Do we need grading cards for PC rings or just show jumping?