View Full Version : Can anyone help, I want to contact the Mendez Equestrian Centre

Annette (Guest)
13-04-01, 02:28 AM
I have been trying to contact the Mendez Equestrian Centre, the address I have is in Luddenham.I have rung two phone numbers, but have unable to contact them. The contact name I have is Faye Mendez. Can anyone help. Thanks in advance.

Katrina (Guest)
13-04-01, 02:38 AM
Jose` and Fay Mendez
Mendez Equestrian Centre
176 Badgery's Lookout Road, Tallong, NSW 2745
Email: mendezeqcentre@ozemail.com.au

0412 597 316

13-04-01, 02:45 AM
Hi, Annette
This is Jose Mendez' contact in Luddenham:
(Prima Vera Stud)
02-4773 4355 or
015 297 316

(mobil no. looks out of date, though)
Good luck!

Annette (Guest)
13-04-01, 03:53 AM
>Hi, Annette
>This is Jose Mendez' contact in
>(Prima Vera Stud)
>02-4773 4355 or
>015 297 316
>(mobil no. looks out of date,
>Good luck!

Annette (Guest)
13-04-01, 03:55 AM
Thanks folks, but I have tried all of those ph numbers, & they're no longer connected. Any other suggestions ?

13-04-01, 04:14 AM
Hmmm. Try his brother Manolo in Sunbury: 0354 28 1882

jp (Guest)
13-04-01, 10:02 AM
Jose doesn't live in Luddenham any more. Has moved to a property somewhere in the Southern Highlands so I heard.
Presume the Tallong address would be the correct one but sorry can't help you with the phone number

horse_guy_17 (Guest)
24-04-01, 05:00 AM

Yes, the above address at Tallong is where Jose is now living, after moving from Luddenham some time ago.
His new number is (02) 48410069.
The mobile number on the above post is also correct. You could also try Faye's mobile, 0417680921.

Cheers, Jeremy.