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Amy (Guest)
13-04-01, 08:20 AM
My Tb mare is a head tosser, doesn't like her legs or ears being touched, won't go on the bit(and we've been practicing for months)crib bites and constantly resists the contact.
Any suggestions on how to fix any of these problems. Please Help!

13-04-01, 08:28 AM
well if you've been practising not going on the bit for months, shes at least got that right, LOL :D

Mills (Guest)
13-04-01, 09:22 AM
Hmmm - sounds like my andalusianXtb a while ago.
Here are my suggestions, but I'm sure others will have more ideas as well.
Have his teeth checked and also his poll and/or back. My boy had an old injury to his poll which made it hard for him to go correctly in a frame . This also made him headshy (I think) and eventually he wouldn't let me even put a bridle on him. Anyway, the chiropractor sorted out his pain (took quite a while though) and then I slowly started massaging his neck upwards towards his ears each day, backing off when he got tense and then starting again until he let me touch his ears. You could do the same with his legs, but ,maybe use a flexible whip or "carrot stick" as an extension of your hand first to keep safe. Once my andie realised he was no longer in pain he accepted me touching anywhere on his head and now he goes all "droopy lip" when I give him an ear massage.
Other things to consider re the head tossing are allergies to dust/pollens etc - check the dust content of your hay and whether she gets worse out riding when certain flowers are in bloom.
And Monty Roberts suggested using a hair-dryer (on cool setting) on headshy horses, moving it up towards their ears and then gradually replacing the sensation of the hairdryer with your hand. Could be worth a try.

Anyway take heart - I tried everything with my andie beofre he finally chilled out about it and now he goes along on the bit in a relaxed way and is absolutely fine about his ears, head etc.

Best of luck!

15-04-01, 12:13 PM
If the medical checks out all right, it may be just a desentisation thing. Try approach and retreat on the area's he doesn't like being touched.

Rub your hand over an area close to where the problem area is. Eg: for the poll, rub your horses neck soothingly and slowly move the rubbing up to the problem area. It is a progressive thing. If the horse becomes agitated, move your hand to the area he is comfortable with and slowly again work your way back. It wont take long at all. You can use this technique on any area of the horse. A bit of patience and persistance will do it.

With the feet/legs, it the same thing. Start close and work your way to problem area and retreat if agitation gets too much. Look for small improvements. Show the the horse that I is a comfort thing.