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Smerdie (Guest)
14-04-01, 09:03 AM
While at a recent clinic of Victoria Hamilton in West Australia I was able to see Victoria's Brood Mares at her Mungo Brae Stud in WA.
These animals looked magnificent and they are not even on the irrigated part of the Stud. VH told me that they are fed on Promita (from Mitavite), and an occassional biscuit of Oaten Hay. Sometimes they have Breeda if Promita is not available
I think I will put my mare on Promita if Victoria can produce such beautiful mares and foals.
Has anyone had any experience with Promita?

Caitlin (Guest)
15-04-01, 10:20 AM
I used it on my mare for about a year with great results.I gave her the recommended amount on the back of the pack split into 2 feeds,as well as oaten and lucerne chaff and hay.It seems costly at around $30 per bag, but I liked it as it had everything in it.No need to feed anything else.I don't think it's anymore expensive than going out and buying all the additives separately.The only reason I stopped feeding it was after she had 2 attacks of colic,and the specialist vet changed her diet to exclude pelleted feed of any kind.The colic was not caused by Promita,it was caused by an irritable/weak bowel.She is doing just as good on her new diet but I find it much more expensive and time consuming than feeding Promita.I would definately give it a go. Mitavite make excellent products.

Cheryl (Guest)
15-04-01, 01:47 PM
I have never used Promita but have used Breeda for the last 12 months with my 3 yo QH filly. It keeps her in absolutely beautiful condition without and sign of heating up. I have to stop the dogs from eating it as they too love it just like the horses. I have a friend who keeps her horses with mine sometimes. One of her horses is elderly and she feeds him Mitavite Gumnuts. She tried other products but nothing worked like Gumnuts do. He is 26 yo and has basically no teeth. He too is pretty good condition. I think Mitavite products are great.

Duvfi (Guest)
16-04-01, 05:03 PM
Hi there Smerdie,
I thought I would just say that if you were wondering where to get the Mitavite Promita from, Brigadoon Produce have it and they are the ones that provide Victoria with her feed. They offer free delivery as well if needed.
The phone number is (08) 9296 1575 and if you need any extra info you can e-mail me at duvfi@hotmail.com.