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10-12-07, 12:26 AM
Another EI death the add to the ever growing list:
On friday afternoon, Birdie, my 5yo riding pony, died as a result of complications of a secondary infection, caused directly by EI.
Not sure what more to say, but another preventable and pointless death

10-12-07, 12:30 AM
Demia, my sincere heartfelt condolences. You are right, another pointless death. My heart goes out to you.

Vale Birdie


10-12-07, 12:31 AM
PIP Birdie

I am so sorry she went at all Demia, particularly to EI in that way.



10-12-07, 12:52 AM
Sorry for your loss.

10-12-07, 12:59 AM
I'm so sorry Demia. I went up yesterday and she wasn't in her box... i didn't think anything of it until one of the girls said she had passed away in the night.

Poor little girl, she'd been through so much with EI already. Its so awful and it just should not have happened in the first place.

10-12-07, 01:35 AM
I am really sorry Demia. That is so tragic.

10-12-07, 03:07 AM
Oh Demia I am so sorry! How heartbreaking for you. It must be so hard for you to accept that this could have been very easily, entirely preventable and you could do nothing! I am so, so sorry!

10-12-07, 03:27 AM
I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your pony, Demia. That is really so sad. Lots of heartfelt sympathy. Hope you have some nice photos to remember her by, get a nice enlargement done for yourself. That's what I've done over many years when a loved one is lost, and I've also planted a special tree in my garden somewhere, too. Regards.

10-12-07, 03:48 AM
What a sad time... Demia, I am so sorry for the loss of your pony. I too plant a special tree, or small garden when we lose a special pet. Especially if she cannot be buried at home, it will give you a lovely place to visit, and remember her.

Yet another needless death caused by EI... =-(

10-12-07, 04:17 AM
she didn't pass away during the night - she was put to sleep on friday afternoon. Her trachea had collapsed and there was absolutely nothing that could be done. The vet said she was dying as it is, so I chose to put her out of her misery.
Poor little birdie but :(
Thanks for all your kind words.


10-12-07, 04:28 AM
What a beautiful pony, and a tragic loss!
Heartfelt condolences to you demia.

10-12-07, 05:38 AM
Big hugs Demia you have my deepest sympthays :(

10-12-07, 05:47 AM
RIP Birdie
You now have wings, may you fly with angels

I'm so sorry for your loss of such a beautiful pony Demia.





10-12-07, 08:26 AM
That's heartbreaking demia.

I remember you being so excited when you were bringing your gorgeous pony up from Victoria. And what a stunner she was.

RIP Birdie.

10-12-07, 08:48 AM
Oh thats so sad-I am so sorry to hear that beuatuful pony is no longer with us except in memory.

rodeo chick
10-12-07, 09:11 AM
How incredibly sad Demia.......... what a beautiful horse Birdie was!
RIP Birdie

10-12-07, 12:53 PM
What a beautiful pony, and so sad she died because of a preventable illness like EI.

The DPI has alot of explaining to do, IMHO. It appalls me horses have died when these deaths were all preventable if people had been allowed to vaccinate.

I'm so sorry your pony was another victim to the DPIs eradication dream...

10-12-07, 01:13 PM
Demia I am so sorry for your loss. What a beautiful pony. Please be strong.....the range of emotions you go through.....from total grief at having lost your best friend to total fury at the DPI for allowing this to happen is exhausting. I put my colt Romeo down late October at nearly five weeks old due to complications of EI and I swing emotionally all over the shop. (((((( biggest hugs )))) to you xxxx.

10-12-07, 05:10 PM
she is so beautiful, and to you so special, I so feel for you.

I think that what makes it harder is not only the refusal to allow vaccination except on their terms is seeing that vaccination was available to thoroughbreds even in states without any threat of ei.
yet everyone one else could go hang. As someone else pointed out its like the titanic. 1st class got the lifeboats, in this case even the ones not on the ship. steerage went down.
thats the stuff of nervous breakdowns, as if they care.

11-12-07, 01:57 AM
I am so sorry Demia.

Rest In Peace Birdie


11-12-07, 05:34 AM
I sorry Demia. What a waste of such a beautiful girl.

RIP Birdie.

11-12-07, 05:37 AM
Oh I'm so sorry to hear that. Over here in WA we are a bit removed from all the EI stress and worry. I mean its in the back of your mind but thats all. I hope everything works out ok eventually.

11-12-07, 05:52 AM
My deepest condolences to you Demia. She was a beautiful pony; and I would guess a star in the ring although I don't know you personally :)

What can anyone say about this tragedy that hasn't been said already amongst ourselves. Maybe we need a type of war memorial with all the names and pictures of the beautiful animals that have been taken too early by this bloody disease....

Berni if you're out there... ?? or anyone else that could do such a thing...


Horse sense - something that horses have that stops them betting on humans.

11-12-07, 10:00 AM
RIP Birdie :(

She certainly was a gorgeous girl :(

And at the recent info session in WA we were told it was a "mild" strain of EI and there had only been 1 or 2 deaths due to it... another person and I could name over 10 horses who had died of causes directly relating to EI without even thinking hard and the numbers still continue to climb :(

11-12-07, 10:55 AM
Thanks again, and I am very sorry to hear of other healthy horses going down because of this 'harmless' disease. Someone has got to be held responsible for all the devastation that this has caused to the equine industry (and the ridiculous random way in which the vaccinations are being distributed). I work in the vet industry and it makes absolutely no sense to me.
And CateH, it sounds like a lovely idea ? Maybe there would be some way to alert the media to it to ?? Highly doubt anyone owning up to this massive stuff up but.

11-12-07, 11:50 AM
RIP little Birdie.

I am so very sorry for your loss demia.

11-12-07, 11:57 AM
yep and our esteemed government lackeys couldnt give a #####.

if it was foot and mouth they are the ones walking around with guns shooting everything in sight.

meanwhile warehouses overseas are bulging with vaccine, any vaccine, that could have prevented this #####.

merry christmas everyone

11-12-07, 01:01 PM
<3 :* <3

I am Sorry for your loss. Try some tim tams they help a little.


Cheekyspirt 26
12-12-07, 02:48 AM
I am so sorry for your loss, what a beautiful pony and what a waste.

RIP little one.

12-12-07, 03:34 AM
Demia, I am so very sorry to hear of your loss. My sincere condolences and hugs to you.



Melly Moo
12-12-07, 08:34 AM

So sorry to hear of your loss....this wasn't your Willowcroft mare was it? Very special pony by the look of it and very sad. I can't believe they haven't dealt with this whole EI crap now....when are they going to fix it? When are they going to vaccinate everybody so that we can all get back to normal and so that our horse's health isn't at risk anymore.

There are just too many unanswered questions.

Was your mare in Berry?


12-12-07, 03:25 PM
easy to answer!!!

We have a bunch of third class third world beaurocrats who dont seem to have woken up to the fact we are a civilised first world democracy who have had our rights to save our horses and our lives trampled completely in some sort of crazed experiment.


The racehorses decided they were staying with the rest of the civilised world in demanding vaccination.

We seem to have beaurocrats going for the world record in how to completely stuff a thriving industry.

13-12-07, 03:21 AM
Nope, I am in terrey hills - the local newspaper did a story on it :( http://www.manlydaily.com.au/article/2007/12/12/7788_news.html
The mare was a langtree pony - and a perfect example of one too :(
Princess (willowcroft mare) is ok - sitting in her stable doing absolutely nothing until feb next year at this point.

13-12-07, 03:26 AM
did reply... but seems to have disappeared ?
The mare was a langtree pony, and a very nice one at that :(
Princess is sitting fat and happy in her stable doing absolutely nothing.
The newspaper did an article on it:
the pony never got a 2nd bout of equine flu but - so not sure where they pulled that one from.

14-12-07, 03:49 AM
So sorry to hear your news Demia

I read your story in the Manly Daily and was wondering how your beautiful girl got a second bout...

14-12-07, 05:13 AM
What a beauty. So much for EI not killing healthy horses in the prime of their lives!

14-12-07, 09:55 AM
It will be the little things
that you will remember,
the quiet moments,
the smiles, the laughter.
And although it may seem
hard right now,
it will be the memories
of these little things
that help to push
away the pain
and bring the smiles
back again.

Words, however kind,
can't mend your heartache:
but those who care and
share your loss wish you
comfort and peace of mind.
May you find strength
in the love of family
and in the warm embrace
of friends.

RIP Birdie