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10-12-07, 04:23 AM
Thought this latest snippet from Phil Cursers' Just Racing site may cause a bit of a giggle depending on ones' sense of humour:


Maybe as you get old you get cynical, but what is happening with all these racetrack protocols is about as stupid as life gets. I have only last week rated calling that Ipswich race meeting off - as the horses were in the parade yard - was the most ridiculous thing I have seen in my life. But now I find it is a dead heat between that event and what I would term ďrampant stupidityĒ rules over EI. Last week Queensland Racing issued a Media Release saying the horses from different precincts would be tied up in separate areas at the Doomben meeting. Now how stupid is that?

All horses racing at Doomben have been vaccinated Ė they have to be, to be able to race. Can someone in authority then please tell me why the hell youíd have different tie-up areas for horses from different precincts when they arrive at the track until they come into the saddling enclosure, yet in a race they have no option but to race shoulder to shoulder for whatever distance the race is over?

If every trainer and jockey abided by all these silly protocols about showering and having new laundered clothes, etc., well how come barrier attendants can touch horses all afternoon from different precincts with gay abandon, yet never take a shower, or need new laundered clothes after each race?

Can someone also explain why the barrier stalls donít need to be disinfected after each race, seeing that horses from all different precincts have rubbed up against them, defecated on them, urinated on them, expelled millions of germs through nostril snorts - as horses regularly do Ė and so on and so forth.

Do the jockeys disinfect their whips after each ride, after all thatís why that Ipswich meeting got called off - because one person didnít disinfect their whip after riding a horse at Deagon?

Whilst it is acknowledged that these EI protocols may have served a purpose initially, their being kept in place now, is the greatest load of garbage I have seen for ages, as these protocols now lack basic common sens.

10-12-07, 06:54 AM
No.. not giggling at all

Extremely sensible and valid questions. (with the exception of him not realising that any horse, vaccinated or not has the potential to be a carrier if exposed)

10-12-07, 09:28 AM
There are some vacuum-heads..... Gawd....

Elwood stinie
10-12-07, 10:21 AM
Thats a good one! Maybe they will have to install lanes down the track so the horses cant brush against each other as they gallop!
It really makes me sick that the racing industry is making a mokery of EI while other people are loosing horses to it!

The best story I have heard so far is from my farrier, he was standing in the carpark at the racetrack on raceday watching as grooms led their horses up to the gate, handed the horse to the security guard so they could wash their hands and dip their boots, take the horse back and walk in! Groom after groom handed their horses to this same security guard while they "decontaminated" themselves! My farrier rang the track manager and asked what exactly the point of this was?