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11-12-07, 04:17 AM
Has anyone heard of Coldstream Park warmblood stud? What are their horses like temperament wise. I have seen they have some massive horse (over 17hh) on sale and dont want to come off something that big :)

11-12-07, 05:07 AM
Hello Lydia, I worked at this stud some years back for a short time (I think just about everyone has!) They breed some nice horses and the temps where what I would consider normal for any young warmbloods at that age and training level. Obviously when you breed horses you get a bit of a mix in temperments anyway, even full siblings are amazing how they differ so much! Worth a look


11-12-07, 06:49 AM
Thanks for that. The breeders said the horse is quiet but he is a 6yo and never been competed- so it would be hard to know. I just want to be sure what i am told is 100% correct as the people seem really geniuine but i have been bitten badly before :) Do you believe you can tell a temperament of a horse by how they are ridden at home or should i ask to see him floated somewhere different??

11-12-07, 06:57 AM
Both. I think if you are trialling a horse you need to see it when it is out and at home.

Elwood stinie
11-12-07, 09:05 AM
If the option was there I would always take a horse on trial, or atleast ride it a few times at the stud.
If you are worried about height keep in mind the horse is only 6 so may still grow a bit...