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TMS (Guest)
15-04-01, 07:38 AM
I need to buy a new or near new 4wd to pull a 3 horse float. We breed ponies and occasionally have a galloway, so we are not pulling huge horses.

Could you guys please help with what does the job for you.

silk (Guest)
15-04-01, 09:22 AM
I have a prado landcruiser and my float is an extra long one and ive pulled to large hacks in that and find that it does a good job. have fun buying one

md (Guest)
15-04-01, 10:30 AM
Well i am a little biast but Landrover Discovery has the hightest towing capacity of any 4wd on the road, at a slighter higher value look at the Nissan Patrol 4.2 turbo deisel. Either of these two will get you out off trouble without breaking the bank. Cheers

15-04-01, 02:16 PM
We have a LR discovery.. So I too am biased.
I'm not the one who tows the horses tho.. I just got my P's :-)
Dad does the towing and we've owned our disco 9 years.

Lovlee (Guest)
15-04-01, 02:40 PM
I asked my mechanic and he suggested if I was towing 2 tonne a Nissian Patrol or a landcrusier was the only way to go other than going into a truck.
I own a Nissian now and have not looked back. The more weight I pull the better it handles. The Landcrusier are now being built for family comfort and not the work horse it was intended.
My friend traded her Landcrusier in for a new one and hates it, she wants her old one back! it was ten years old.
If you are not sure asked your mechanic they are the one repairing them all the time!

15-04-01, 11:04 PM
LR Discoverys are also horrifically expensive to run - now just go and find out how much a 60,000km service will cost you at Austral!! We have had one for four years and we wouldn't bother getting another one when we replace it (next year). They are not a particularly comfortable drive, for cruising around unladen a Landcruiser or Patrol is much more comfortable.

All 4WDs are expensive to service, but LRs are especially so.

16-04-01, 12:55 AM
A 60,000 service will cost about $450-$500 which is not too bad for a 4WD. Landcruiser's are supposed to be dearer to service. The average 10,000 km service will cost about $200. I have a diesel Landrover discovery 1997 model and it is very economical to run. I can imagine that the petrol V8 is probably expensive to run. The LR's tow very well. I tow an extended float - weight 960Kg - and my large horses weight up to 740Kg, the 4WD copes with this very well and we live in a hilly area. Good luck deciding which one to buy. I would go out and buy some 4WD magazines and read their articles on towing. The landrover dicovery diesel was the one that came out on top in their catagory when I was looking to buy a car. It may have changed by now so go and do some reading and see what the current recomended model is. I have found the Discovery to be very comfortable on long trips and to tow very well. I did not like the way the Landcruisers handled and found that the previous model Patrol was very uncomfortable if you have long legs - you can't get the seat back far enough. I have never had anything to do with the current Patrol as I already have a 4WD.

me and me (Guest)
16-04-01, 01:20 AM
Nissan's are the best!

TMS (Guest)
16-04-01, 04:41 AM
Anyone got the new Nissan Patrol 3.0lt tdi. How does it go with a load?

charlie (Guest)
16-04-01, 05:33 AM
We have a 1988 4.2lt GQ petrol short wheel base nissan patrol and It pulls our float like its not even there, no problems!!!

DavidO (Guest)
16-04-01, 10:54 AM
I know a couple of people who have had either the 2.8 or 4.2 Turbo's. The 2.8 is surprisingly powerful but suffers quite bad turbo lag. The 4.2 is apparently no more economic the 4.5 petrol once it starts towing.
Diesels do get better fuel economy , but when running at wide open throttle this some what reduced. They do go for a long time, however the cheaper running cost of the Diesel can be somewhat negated due to higher purchase price (in some cases) and when they do need maintence, better get a serious overdraft particularly when you start looking at the Injectors and even worse the pump. And of course these days Diesel is not the cheap alternate fuel it used to be.
Petrol motors these days are lot more advanced than they used to be and some are getting some very good milage before major maintenance and some resonable economy.
Having had owned both, each has their advantages, but when towing a fully laden horsefloat up a hill, without being reduced to a crawl, give me a good V8 anyday. As the old saying goes, There is no substitute for cubic inches.

Lauren (Guest)
16-04-01, 11:53 AM
We have 2 holden jackaroos. They are very easy to drive and we have a Exstended double float with two 16-17hh horses. We have had jackaroos for mrany years now. And if we ever changed car we would get a land cruiser. But i guess it what every u feel comfy in.

doc (Guest)
16-04-01, 01:08 PM
Yes the puling power is important but please remember the most important thing about your towing vehicle is its ability to stop when needed. This depends on the towing vehicle's brakes, as well as the float's, and the relative weights of the vehicle & the float. Just factor these in as well as the grunt!!

Caitlin (Guest)
16-04-01, 01:27 PM
I love my F100!

Lovlee (Guest)
16-04-01, 03:40 PM
I have a 1995 petrol 4.2 Nissian and I go up and down Bulli , Mount Ousely and Macquarie Pass all the time with no problems , Ive had 43 bales of hay in the float (My float weights is 1300 Kgs)and had no problems. To get your money worth from diesel it is designed to be driven it over long distances not over short distances , like taking the kids to school and shopping because of the constant stopping and starting of the engine (Heating and cooling of engine parts)If you drive it like a car you will only get the life out of the engine the same as petrol engine, so you have to see how you will use a diesel.
Good luck in what you choose there is alot out there!

17-04-01, 04:15 AM
vvrooom, vvrooom :D

Ian Metherall (Guest)
17-04-01, 10:38 AM
As I have said many time's here, and I will say it again....Don't buy a 100 series Landcruiser Diesel.......The 80 series are great, but the 100 series are an overweight slug! Regretfully I am not alone in this conclusion, and thousands of dollars are being burnt by disappointed owners as they try to get out of their mistake...I simply took mine back to the dealer and walked out! It wasn't any good to us! And Toyota...Oh What liers! And look at their advertising,,,,,,,It's not exactly honest and truthful! After my exeprience, and those of others, and the way Toyota have behaved, I would never go near another Toyota again......So be very very careful with what you purchase. I have a new BMW X5 4 w.d.to tow the float, and it has awesome power! The horses need seat belts!
So good luck, keep asking those that own one......not the dealers!

dally (Guest)
17-04-01, 02:52 PM
Personally, I won't go past the Nissan Patrol 4.2lt. I am on my second one now and they are fantastic. I have the petrol model which I had had converted to LPG as well and haven't looked back. Except for the ridiculous LPG prices the last few months - grrrrr!!!!!!

In any event, it is still a fantastic towing vehicle. Any FWD is more expensive to service and buy tyres for - after all, they are really a truck.

Good luck in your search.

qbh (Guest)
17-04-01, 03:29 PM
Does anyone know if the 3 door pajeros maybe around 1997(?) tow?

Anna_TAS (Guest)
18-04-01, 02:48 AM
Ok here is my 2cents worth.

My parents used to have an 80 series diesel landcruiser which towed the double horse float great.
They now have a 100 series petrol which is just as good tow but costs a bit more to run although not a great deal.
I used to have an old 1980 modle holden ute that would tow the double horse float with 2 big TBs no problem at all.
My boyfriend has a 2.8 turbo diesel space cab 4WD Rodeo and I use that to pull the double float and it works a treat.
I used it last weekend to tow my 16.1hh TB mare, three 44 gallon drums, two bags of chaff, 6 bales of lucern hay, all my gear, her rugs and feed bins.

I live about 50 mins out of Hobart and I have some pretty steep hills to contend with but the old Rodeo (not really old 1998) came up great had heaps more grunt than the crusier just a little bouncier being a ute and cost half as much to run!!!!

THe next thing you have to ask yourself is your stopping ability.
I floated a 17.2hh STB in the rain, using the 100 series crusier, and he slipped over going around a corner (I was going slow!) with his weight it pushed us down the road for about 4 or 5 meters.
Now if I had of had my Dads Ford ute (which I DID use sometimes) I would have been down over the bank and probably dead.

I guess it depends on you budget but I would go the Rodeo as they are a lot cheaper in all ways. :-)

Anna_TAS (Guest)
18-04-01, 02:53 AM
P.S - qbh- as for the 3 door pajero don't bother it is not heavy enough to pull you up in a hurry if you need too.
I bought one home to try, pulled the float empty really well but it struggled with a horse in it. I called the transport and they told me I was wasting my time.

ellen (Guest)
18-04-01, 03:17 AM
Ian, I was at a Toyota dealership the other day, looking for a 80 series diesel or Tubo diesel. He told me for the same price I could get a 100 series diesel. When I asked about how it tows he told me they were better than the 80 series diesel. I kept prodding him about how it tows and he insisted. What is Toyota's official line?

18-04-01, 03:36 AM
Remember most 4WD these days are glorified cars with big wheels.
Look at the manufacturers specifications for towing and stopping before you purchase.
I personally wouldn't put a three horse float behind antthing less than an F series Ute.
Unless you have rugrats then you don't need all the seating.
But a canopy to store all your possessions.
They are economical, cost much less to service and hello, LPG still exists in Australia.
Pulling power is the ultimate aim when buying a tow vehicle and my opinion, from experiance is that you can't go past a F series Utetility or even a Chevvy or Dodge or a GMC or maybe a Holden Suburban ...........................................

TMS (Guest)
18-04-01, 06:46 AM
Thanks for the replies. We have kids so seating and comfort is important as what ever we buy will double as the family car.

DavidO (Guest)
18-04-01, 11:24 AM
Im Sorry but the F series is just an oversize Falcon. They generally have the same engine, geatbox and diff as a Falcon of the same era. The Tow capacity is still not as high as a Range Rover or a Discovery. In fact the F series are typical of American over sizing with out a hell of substance in the engineering dept and technology the Yanks tend to be about 10 years behind the Japs who are 20 years behind the Poms.

Lovlee (Guest)
18-04-01, 12:24 PM
DON'T buy a Pajero they are a yuppy 4 wheel drive!!
I had to sell mine because it was lucky to tow a normal double float with two ponies on!
When I bought my new float the dealer would not sell me the float until I got rid of the Pajero He said I would not get down the Pass without having an accident!
As we have children I still had to look at a car that I can tow and carry the family around. Go for a Nissian 4.2

18-04-01, 12:50 PM
We have used a number of vehicles over the years and I am involved with the mounted police in qld so get to see what they use and recommend.

When I was a child they used a F350 with a steel 2 horse float and it went like a dream (this is the 80's)

They then got a dual cab its canter truck and had an 8 horse gooseneck - wonderful set up that was only sold as no staff had licenses (except the boss)

Then they got the cruisers and they were lovely (80 series)

Then they asked for an extra vehicle so lost the 4wds and got two ford 1 tonne utes with electric brakes added and three floats (gotta love the govt) - these vehicles were terrifying all the staff who have horses and are competitors have toyotas of different varieties (all older models) - these vehicles were found not to be able to travel safely over 80ks - an expert had to test the vehicle with horses and weigh it too - first he was scared to go over 60 - second he had never towed horses, third - the float was legal by kilos. If they had listened to the staff ... they also got bogged and had to be towed off tracks - were then not allowed to go off sealed roads and on one occasion lost traction on the rear tyres and just missed a pedestrian - nice safe cars. Therefore I will never recommend them, yed people use them and they are ok but constant towing in them no way.

Now they have three floats still and a Diesel 100 series landcruiser wagon and a toyota 78series ute with canopy. We took both these vehicles with 2 horses in each four wheel driving, the ute way out performed the cruiser - at the time we thought it may have been the driver (had never done this sort of thing) and the horses had to be unloaded more than once. The ute - never.

I love the toyota range and having worked in govt vehicle leasing still love them - but have seen them abused but then have seen Landrover defenders totally shaken apart. The cruisers still worked.

Personnaly if I was buying a cruiser TMS I would go for the ute due to its ability. But due to your need for family comfort (yeah yeah 4wd that will never see dirt ;) ! ) I would go for the petrol 100 series - Ian's prob if I recall from a previous thread were with a diesel and a dealer who sold him a car before it was released and tested in real aussie conditions.

I will always be a toyota girl being I've just bought the new corrolla - woo hoo - and the better half works for the company and I've been around many vehicles. In the end RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH.

good luck

19-04-01, 12:43 AM
Oh its a minefield to find a towing vehicle.

I own a Holden Jackeroo Turbo diesel and find it great. Could not afford anything else, did lots of research. There is a dealer in our small town and they are more than helpful.

But did use petrol Jackeroos at the Olympics in Horse Ambulance and they were pretty hopeless.

Been working for people with Nissans, great, and the older Toyotas were great too.

Share my office with 4wd person who says Pajeros have diff problems.

The Jackeroo is fine for a normal car during the week, probably couldn't drag the schumakers off at the lights but quite user friendly.

Happy hunting