View Full Version : Victorian QH show over Easter - Werribee Park

Margaret Augerinos (Guest)
15-04-01, 11:03 AM
I had a surprisingly good day out at the VQHA Congress show today - the QH's are in action over Easter.

I don't normally go to QH/Western or rodeo events (being more dressage oriented), but thought I would go to "broaden my horizons". I had a good time, and my significant other and child enjoyed the change from being forced to watch "grass grow" (dressage <VBG>). I had a good time and was pleasantly surprised - however, I have one gripe and if someone could supply me with an email address or postal address for the Victorian Quarter Horse Association I would be very grateful.

My gripe is this. We entered via the "rodeo" signs which was through the zoo and mansion entrance. We paid $30 (2 adults, 1 child) - no problem with this. I presumed this would get us in to the whole venue.

So we pay our $30 and watch some action etc. Decide to head over to the indoor to watch the VQHA show classes and was told did I have my ticket. I produced my "rodeo" ticket and was told - no I need to purchase a ticket for the VQHA show classes. This was another $30 for a family ticket for the Saturday and Sunday classes. I didn't purchase as we were only there for the afternoon.

But what really got me cheesed off, is that if you entered via the equestrian centre entrance further down in K-Road, and paid to watch the VQHA show classes, you could also wander in to the rodeo - no gate marshalls there! But having paid the same amount of money at the rodeo gate, you couldn't watch the show classes!

The 2 shows were both run by the VQHA - so what was going on there. I thought I would post a message to them about this discrepancy - it really annoyed a lot of spectators who were interested to watch QH's in action.

Anyway - just my gripe!

Hope you are all having a good Easter.


aussie (Guest)
15-04-01, 01:52 PM
ok getting of the track a bit but i ride a qh, I event him. He is an absolutely fabulous jumper and 100% reliable. he is soo sweet and I got a really cute photo of him so here it is! http://www.virtue.nu/properaussie/bunyip%20state%20qualifier.jpg he's my baby hehe

Berni (Guest)
16-04-01, 02:28 AM
Nice to hear your comments - show organisers really need to make the public feel more welcome. Surely when they have managed to extract one gate fee from your family, they could extend that pass to all events on the day. The 'bad will' created by such a petty attitude is sure to deter you from attending other events. It is very un-friendly, and the only way horse societies are going to attract new members is to be SUPER friendly and have a welcoming philosophy.

16-04-01, 10:45 AM
Really sorry to hear about that, I'm a QH showie and find it really hard to believe that the VQHA would charge to see its show!!! Thats unbeleivable. The QH's have been trying to get people to spectate forever, and now they have gone and done something as stupid as charging $30!!!!!!!!.
Really VQHA, get your act together, charging to watch western events is so not right. We should be making people feel welcome and encourage them to come and see our wonderful breed, get us noticed. The QH is a truly fantastic breed and so are the people involved with them, but a gate fee that much is giving us a bad name. I show them and wouldnt pay that to watch.:-(

17-04-01, 01:10 AM
It is true DG.
We went and watched Good Friday night but wasn't charged.
I know in previous years it was $10 per person to watch in the stands, even if your there with a competitor.
For example if my husband and I attend then if he's riding he can watch for free, if I don't then I pay.
Also there is a cut off point say 5pm.
If you arrive at 4pm, pay you $10 then come 5pm they come round and ask you for another $10 or leave.
Thats how it used to be wich is why the congress has died in the you know what.
There are hardly any Traders (there used to be heaps) but as you have to pay for a site, why wouls you bother if the spectators and competitor are no longer there.
There were 13 two year olds compered with 27 at the Halter Showcase.
Yes it is a QH State Show but the feature events are open to all breeds so they can't use that as an excuse when there were only about 5 paints and appys at the H/S/Case.
The VQHA have to have a really big restructure I think otherwise there will be less next year.

costusplenty (Guest)
19-04-01, 12:10 PM
I would not go to the congress just because I would have to pay to watch the same thing that I could see a a local show,I know of so many people that will not enter the congress just because of the expences associated with it, I realize that a show at werribee over three days is expensive to run, but they either need to find a big sponser or find somewhere else to run their show You could have gone to the halter showcase and not paid a cent and had a better time { even though it wasnt run a well this year compared with other years}. the problem with any of these committees that run these shows is they dont like critisism they will take all the praise you can heap on them but they dont give you any channels to voice your disaproval thats whats so great about the web ,we can voice our beefs if only someone would listen,

19-04-01, 11:58 PM
Here Here!

DG (Guest)
20-04-01, 12:00 AM
Here Here!!!
We really are going backward when we see gate entries of this sort of price!!!
Pleeease, Western is not a spectator sport at its best, so lets not discourage those brave souls who want to sit and watch class after class, lets encourage more people to come and watch how talented our Western breeds are.
And VQHA, charging is not the go. Wake up, smell the flowers and listen.