View Full Version : R vacc thru EFA still going ahead?

14-12-07, 06:22 AM
The EFA has applications on their website for green and amber zone horses to be vaccinated if they are intending to compete in purple zone in early 2008. When they put this up Sydney was still on and I assume most people that applied would have named Sydney Royal as the event being attended.

I wonder if these vaccinations will still be offered and if so would you still go with it? I am in green and very far removed from EI infections (for now) It is at our expense...both shots plus microchipping and i'm not sure how much this will cost. If I pay heaps to have this done and no shows and he would need to be done again in 6 months if it keeps up anyway.
What would you do?

14-12-07, 10:28 AM