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Cold Comfort
14-12-07, 11:40 AM
Up until this point I have given the DPI the benefit of the doubt in regard to the fiasco that we are living with.
However today I have finally been convinced that there is some serious mishandling of the situation going on.

Last week our vet practice contacted us to let us know that we would be getting our second vaccinations next Monday Dec 17th, 5 weeks since the first shots.
Today I have been informed that the vet will not be coming on Monday because the DPI have not approved the second vaccinations for our horses.
As you well know it is about 10 days til Christmas. If we don't get our second shots in the next week or so it's quite possible that we won't get them til next year!!!!!

At some point the immunity gained from the first shot is going to run out making the second shot a waste of my vets time & DPI's money unless a 3rd shot is given with in the same time frame after the 2nd.

Why has this happened?
How long do my horses have before the first shot turns out to be a total waste of resources and they no longer have any immunity to EI?

To date I have supported the efforts of the DPI to eradicate this disease but I am now having doubts about their ability to 'control' the situation having heard stories (via my vet) of people moving horses from the other zones into the purple zone in order to get them vaccinated.
This is creating problems for the legitimate people in our zone as theya re now required to go to the vet IN PERSON to to apply for their vaccinations as well as having to provide the phone numbers & addresses of 2 neighbours who can vouch for where they live!!!!

The whole situation is becoming a nightmare & quagmire of red tape.

Impatient people doing the 'wrong' thing to try & get their horses vaccinated have made it incredibly difficult for the legitimate residents of our zone to get their horses vaccinated and are leaving the rest of us vulnerable not being able to obtain our second shots with in the appropriate time frame. Thereby putting us back to square one which means more expense to the DPI (& ultimately us) and reducing the chance of eradicating this disease.

In making the statement above I am assuming that the reason my horses 2nd vaccinations haven't been approved is because there is no vaccine available at the moment?????????

Please Rod could you shed some light on this issue?
I am now very concerned that my horses will not be so 'safe' from the dreaded EI if we don't get our second shot soon.

14-12-07, 01:12 PM
I suggest you directly contact the vaccine manufacturer to get advice re: intervals - direct from the horses mouth, then you will not be relying on heresay.

I'm not saying this has not been a complete fiasco, but there is soooo much misinformation out there.

My horse has had her 2nd vax - at 6 weeks & 2 days since the first.

14-12-07, 01:53 PM
Took some a long time to wake up to the complete ballsup this has been :(

Manufacturer recommends 4-6 weeks between 1st and 2nd shots, here's the datasheet on ProtequFlu


Cold Comfort
15-12-07, 12:10 AM
Thankyou Stirling, I have long been aware of the 'ballsup' but have tried not to 'tie myself in knots' over it and felt obliged to give the DPI some benefit of the doubt (foolish I know).
In fact right from the very first television interview I got the impression that, had not Australian Racing been 'holding a gun to the DPI's back', there may have been no shut down at all!!! What kind of disaster would we have had then?
The racing sector are not my favourite people but I have the feeling that without them pushing for the shut down at the beginning & vaccination susequently, we could well have ended up with a much worse situation.
Anyway thanks again for the website, but it still doesn't say how long you can leave it after the first shot to give the second with out compromising the overall immunity of the horse.
6 weeks will be Christmas Eve. Given that the week between Christmas & New Year involves a few public holidays & a weekend, I don't imagine that our horses will receive their 2nd vaccination during this time (even if the DPI employees were at work to approve the vaccines).
That means that if we have to wait til the new year we will be out to over 8 weeks since the first shot.

I really would like RodH (seeing how he is the 'industry' liason with the DPI) to shed some light on why this is happening and also on how people have been able to shift horses from other zones into the purple zone which, as yet, still doesn't have enough vaccines to do all the horses that actually reside here!!!

15-12-07, 12:42 AM
anyone reading the callihan enquiry tapes will be left in no doubt whatever that if EI is erradicated it will by by PURE DUMB LUCK.

not good management. that if in any way connected to a governement department just is not done.

as for keeping anything else out, again it will be pure luck.

quarantine only matters if you get caught smuggling something in is the unavoidable feeling i now have


15-12-07, 03:30 PM

Sorry I didn't see or reply to your post earlier - I have been away.

It might be optimum to give the second shot at 4 - 6 weeks but your horse's immune system will not 'forget' the priming shot after 8 or more weeks. The second shot will still produce an anamnestic response (meaning there is an augmented production of antibodies).

I have no idea why there has been a delay. If your vet cannot answer your question you can ring the Hotline 1800 675 888 and ask for Industry Liaison. If you provide the specifics they might be able to get you an answer.

DPI has done over 50,000 horses, doubtless there are going to be some problems of administration.

There have been no horses permitted to move into the purple zone without prior vaccination since end of October. There is enough vaccine to do the horses in the purple zone.

>In fact right from the very first television interview I got the impression that, had not Australian Racing been 'holding a gun to the DPI's back', there may have been no shut down at all!!!

That is absolute nonsense. The DPI made the call on the standstill and then advised the racing authorities.

Cold Comfort
16-12-07, 12:22 AM
Thankyou for your information. I was getting a little concerned.
I am still in support of eradication but I have to admit that I am now having doubts about us achieving this objective.
Between the stories of people no longer reporting EI cases and of people moving horses illegally to obtain vaccinations I ahve grave concerns for the DPI's ability to retain control of the situation and police the movement of horses, particularly over the christmas period when the NSW police are so busy.

With regard to the lock down;
In the first television announcement I saw Mr MacDonald was being 'prompted' by Mr Vlanders and when Mr MacDonald ran out of things to say Mr Vlanders took over the interview. I got the distinct impression that the DPI & the minister were reluctant paticipants in the whole thing (maybe just the interview?) and that Australian Racing was 'calling the shots'!
I should also point out that ,to me, if the DPI had been really 'serious' about EI then a standstill should have been declared as soon as the first horse at Eastern Creek was diagnosed and that Eastern Creek obviously should have been put into 'lock down'.
To me, Quarantine (real quarantine) means no one in & no one out. Horses in quarantine should not be having 'visitors' and staff should live on site for x number of days & then have x number of days off so that there is less 'coming & going' ( a bit like they have to do at the big remote mines).
I also believe that it was still unclear from that announcement that the standstill was for ALL horses as all discussion was with regard to race horses.
It was no wonder that in the early days many horse owners thought the standstill only applied to RACE HORSES.

With regard to the movement of horses into the purple zone since October,
My information came from a friend who was looking at buying a horse which is already situated in our area in (and has been for the whole lock down)the purple zone but has not yet been vaccinated.
They asked the people selling the horse to arange to have the horse vaccinated before they would take it as their (buyers) horses had already had their first shot.
When the they contacted the vet (our vet) the sellers were advised that they would need to come in & fill out the paper work in person (we were previously able to do it by phone) and that as well as their dp number from rates notice they would be required to provide the names, phone numbers & addresses of 2 people who could verify that they & the horse lived at that address.
When they asked the vet why they needed to do this they were informed that some people had been moving horses into the zone with the express purpose of getting them vaccinated.
(motivated no doubt by the requirement to have horses vaccinated or with immunity to EI before they can go showing)
If what you say is true & they require a permit & must be vaccinated before they come into purple zone then I doubt very much that these horses have moved legally.

16-12-07, 12:40 AM
Hi CC,

As posted in the Sydney Post... Get your vet to chase up the second round anemises. As Rod has suggested there ARE administration problems somewhere along the line and the computer does not start spitting out all the second round forms that it should. more than likely your form is just lost rather than unapproved...

16-12-07, 01:56 AM
This bloody country couldn't organise a p*** up in a brewery as far as EI is concerned. Disgusting.

16-12-07, 04:27 AM
What is scaring me is if this is such a xxxx'x up what else is going on we dont know about?????????