View Full Version : Sydney Royal-C&V Lawrie

Katie (Guest)
16-04-01, 10:30 AM
Does anyone know how H/P Calendar Girl Went at Sydney?

Sydney Sider (Guest)
16-04-01, 11:23 AM
looked very Araby and from the stand looked very swampy backed.Not the quality of some of the other ponies .He went in round and out

Nat (Guest)
16-04-01, 11:43 AM
The author wanted to know how the pony went or if it competed, not your thoughless and very personalise opinion on somebody elses pride and joy.

pony watcher (Guest)
16-04-01, 12:50 PM
The pony judging at this sydney show could only described as fair and honest, whether you agree with all of the results or not. I would have to agree with the post about the look of the pony mentioned, I dont think it deserved a call with the ponies she had in the final line up. My reason for this conclusion is that the pony lacks those true pony qualities. Please don't reply agressivly as it's only my opinion.

16-04-01, 01:20 PM
To All:

Well no one is right no one is wrong it is all just a matter of taste..personal opinion which we are all entitled to.

I happen to think it is one of the better ponies around and very deserving of the ribbons it has won.

I think also it would be better not to get so picky..remember it is VERY public on this forum, and a few sly words here and there can be extremely detramental to alot of parties.

How would it be if someone was dissing one of your horses so publicly...?

16-04-01, 01:27 PM
Have you ever heard the phrase; If you like something say so, If you dont like something keep your mouth shut. Its your type of comments that need to be kept to yourself, yes everyone is entitled to there own opinion, but not when you are running down someone elses property.

16-04-01, 01:41 PM
well said BTDT...how's those wannabe instructors hey?

retired (Guest)
16-04-01, 01:47 PM
I am not so sure that anyone in the know would take too much notice of the expert opinion of Sydney Sider, Bravado. Why even the name HP Calender GIRL did not tip our grandstand judge off to the fact that the pony is a mare NOT a gelding. Typo? Then why the careful capitalisation of the H for he?

16-04-01, 03:00 PM
Ha, getting worse with age, arn't they!

16-04-01, 03:02 PM
WHOOPS!!!! Sorry retired I was answering Bravado.

NAT (Guest)
16-04-01, 11:28 PM
Thank you BTDT, we as showies leave ourselves wide open for public critisism by other horsey spheres while ever we 'bag' our own in such a public forum. The response of the Sydney grandstanders can only be taken with a grain of salt as they are simply that 'grand standers'. Why on earth do they feel that they must pass a negative comment on anybody's pony is beyond me. If you can't communicate in a positive manner, don't say anything at all. It is bad for the sport and infuriating for the owners.

ho hum (Guest)
17-04-01, 03:31 PM
How unfortunate that you found the mistake,because you know everything that is right.

Katie (Guest)
18-04-01, 01:24 AM
So, is anyone going to tell me how she went, instead of bagging her?

Bravado (Guest)
18-04-01, 02:15 AM
Seemingly as strange as it sounds, she went IR and O, (in round and out)

NAT (Guest)
18-04-01, 03:54 AM
Katie, yes it is true she didn't have her most successful royal but that is showing as we all know it. Think back to last year when some of this years winners also went in round and out. It's the nature of the beast. Over all, ponies were interesting to watch - great to see both adults and children enjoying them alike. Seemed to be the most frequented ring.