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16-04-01, 11:00 AM
This morning at 3am Waterford County [Bobby} was put down at the Werribee Vet Clinic. As distressed as I am at his passing he will be remembered by so many dressage riders as the big chestnut with an imposing presence..see Berni's report from the Berwick Dressage Competition..how could I know that would be the last time he would compete. Goodbye my dear friend, you have been a wonderful teacher, soul mate and partner. Rest in peace.

Rosemary (Guest)
16-04-01, 11:46 AM
Sad news, Margaret. Waterford County was a lovely big horse, who had a heart of gold and a temperament to match.

My sympathies.

Jen2 (Guest)
16-04-01, 11:11 PM
Oh I am always so sad to hear of a horse passing away. Such a great loss for it's loving owners. You have my deepest sympathies.


17-04-01, 04:18 AM
Dear Margaret,
I am so sorry! Big hug.

17-04-01, 10:22 AM
Thinking of you, in your grief. Losing your horse is like losing part of the family.
You know what they say "God takes the good ones to fill his paddocks in heaven"
You have the memories, keep them tucked away for quiet times, when you can pull them out and remember the good times. :'(

18-04-01, 01:35 PM
Margaret and Bill,
We were so sorry to hear about your loss. Having taken some lovely pics of you and W County at the Berwick 'Judge the Rider' Competition, quite recently, it makes this tragedy seem so much more personal.
Your big chestnut, with a heart to match his golden coat, has made an impression on those who have witnessed his talent and willingness to please. I hope that your nice youngster fits into his shoes. Judging on what I saw at the ISSA show, you have every right to feel optimistic.
Good luck and we are all sharing the sadness with you.

Julie C (Guest)
18-04-01, 11:30 PM
My heartfelt thoughts are with you Margaret, it is so hard to say goodbye to such a good friend,
keep your chin up,
Julie Conti

Angie SA (Guest)
19-04-01, 06:03 AM
Sorry to hear of your loss.
Remember the personal quite times together.

Regards Angie SA