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eMa (Guest)
17-04-01, 01:42 AM
hello again.. i was taken to Richmond,,, an area further out of the city.. about 15-20min drive out.. to a 'barn' owned and run by a high level rider trainer.. and finally saw horses i could drool over.. oh wow.. first up was the MOST gorgeous dark bay, 4 white sox, blaze... broad foreheand, handsome, gorgeous! imported gelding - from germany.. after drooling over that one and giving the right noises to the owner, she suggested i might be able to have a ride on him one sunday.. ooh would i ever.. apparantly he had to be reeducated as was only 6/7 when brought over (is 8 now),and only could go ina double, not snaffle and just knew tricks no training..

then i walked out with angela on her Tb beastie that she was working.. to watch her warm up on a riding track aound the poperty..another rider came out with a lovely lookin fellow.. another WB .. recovering from an injury.. she said do you ride? i said yes.. so she asked whether i wanted to walk him around the track.. dead quiet she says.. and i will walk next to you.. hesitated only for asecond.. as i was wearing sneakers, jeans adn no hat! .. but after so many weeks without riding on i hopped.. talked to her on the way round.. then she said for me to trot him around... well, for the first time in a looong time i rode with no helmet..bad bad me.. but it was sooo great to finally be on board!! after a few laps.. he was so light and great contact... i hopped off.. it was soo great to be back on!! i must say my inner thighs today are a bit sore..!!!

also got to see the trainer of the barn working Evita, her imported german mare... wow! beautiful 17.2 hand horse.. and what a rider.. what a position.. wow! great to see some top class riding and some top horses again..

boy.. now all i need is a car to get out there!! drool drool..

but i finally got to ride something!!! :-) ..

today, andrew and i rode our bikes down to southlands - the horse place closish by.. took us 35min cycle up and down hills etc.. might be able to do it.. i will have to!! hopefully will find something to ride in this area soon.. ther are some nice horses dotted about down here.. but not as many.. so now my entire leg is killing me!! quads from cycling and innerthigh from riding!! hehehe..

also made contact with a lady her has a riding school and breeds horses and she says she has plenty of prospects for me.. BUT it is a 40min drive.. and i have no car.. sigh.. back to square one!!!

ok.. will stop going on now..

hope all your ponies are going well for you all!!
from cananda..

Rosemary (Guest)
17-04-01, 01:55 AM
Great Stuff!! eMa . So now all you need is a car!! Hmm... somebody told me cars were cheap over there!! Perhaps you could steal one ... you probably almost feel like doing that by now!! I know I would :-).

Never mind. All things come to those who wait .. so they tell me .. i'm still waiting ..

Have fun. :D

eMa (Guest)
17-04-01, 02:02 AM
hiya rose!!

yeah it was great.. and all i ddi was rise trot around a warmup track!! hehehe.. trying to make a good impression with my lower leg struggling with no chaps or boots.. hehehe :-)

the cars are not that cheap.. but the insurance is even more.. 1500 to 2000 a year.. :( .. but when/if i get a job we will buy a car.. onhold at the moment..

sigh.. i will just have to get super super fit and cycle for 3 hours out there.. heheheh

angela has been great though.. and is looking into another contact she has who sells horses and often has too many to ride.. fingers crossed!

and how is your boy????

:-) nice to hear from you.. :-)

ps gogallop doesnt like working from this side of the world.. well the chat roomanyway.. you dont know how to use AOL instant chat do you??

Rosemary (Guest)
17-04-01, 05:09 AM
Well .. you could always move house!! :-)

Nope, not a clue re AOL whatever ... what is it?? And shouldn't you be in bed?? What time is it over there??

Wonderhorse is going fine, thanks :D Major throwdown tantrums re P and P work .. horses just don't DO that, according to him .. but it's coming along ok.

I can see plenty of bike rides for eMa!! :D

17-04-01, 06:16 AM
eMa, there is a young lady who is over in Canada (aussie) in similar situation to you - but probably miles away, she posts on the GG chat site as JDR - the next time I see her I will ask her to post on one of your CBH posts about how she can use the GG chat.

Enjoy those hill, that butt will be rock solid!

Bonnie (Guest)
17-04-01, 06:55 AM
See, told you it wouldn't take long :-) :-)well, it may not be a horse to work, but at least it WAS a ride! :-)

There's always a way around things - you never know you may meet up with someone travelling to one of the ....er....'barns' who could give you a lift sometimes ......... its a thought.....

Or perhaps you could land a job as a work rider, and get paid for the privilege of riding .......... thats an even better thought *lol*

Best of luck and fingers crossed that NikJ can find a way for you to access Gogallop chat. :-)

eMa (Guest)
18-04-01, 05:17 AM
yeah.. thanks guys.. i am still on a high.. from my short ride :-) ..

nik.. i managed to get it to work. when i click on the chat.. it loads all over theplace, borders all broken up etc... but i found it i leave it for about 10mins.. it kind of fixes itself!!

so it looks like i can useit.. just have to be very patient!


see you guys on there sometime.. :-0