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17-04-01, 05:35 AM
theres a post 'I don't know what to do' at the horse magazine forum. The girl needs a good trainer in her area. I thought Horseproblems or Rogilla or someone might know of someone? She really needs someone who can work with her as well as the horse. Poor thing.

I read it too (Guest)
17-04-01, 07:11 AM
micarter - you are in NSW, horseproblems is in SA and Rogilla is whereever Rogilla is. This girl is in Vic and lives within reach of Patsy who has already emailed her. This won't be a problem fixed by distance education so let us see what pans out from those who are next door eh? Very nice of you to ask and it is a shame horseproblems is not close by.

Rosemary (Guest)
17-04-01, 07:58 AM
... and furthermore ... :-)

Patsy is equally up to the task. No offence to horseproblems, or Rogilla, but Patsy is an extremely capable horse person, and IMHO is better equipped to cope with this particular situation.


How did you know that??

I read it too (Guest)
17-04-01, 09:24 AM
Because the girl said that Patsy had emailed her. Last thing the kid needs is Rogilla mumbo jumbo.

17-04-01, 09:54 AM
not you Rosemary.

Julia (Guest)
17-04-01, 11:52 AM
Patsy will be perfect for the girl.

I read it too (Guest)
17-04-01, 12:10 PM
A very public forum that is read by all ages and you resort to a coarse personal insult. Charming. This young girl WILL NOT be helped by being told on a forum that the horse needs to respect her. She will not be helped by telling her not to be scared. What she will be helped by is someone giving her face to face help and advice and someone guiding her, in person, with the horse. In case it has escaped your notice, the question was asked on another forum. When the young girl wants the advice from the people you are pleading from, she will come here and ask. Why don't you do something a little more practical and get someone in Victoria to help her? Reading how to instructions off the net gets kids hands blasted off when they build their own bombs. How to instructions off the net could have the same result in a case like this. Now go wash your mouth out.

18-04-01, 01:41 PM
Hi Rosemary,

What the hell is IMHO. Sorry, been meaning to ask for a long time.


18-04-01, 01:47 PM
Can you let me know about Patsy. I am getting asked more and more about breakers and re-educators from all sorts of areas around Australia. I want to try and get a list of highly recommended people, check them out and perhaps meet them at Equitana. I will be wanting to have a full coverage of the country so that one will know who in what area and to be able to recommend with confidence.

Thanks. (Hi Micarter)

Rusty (Guest)
18-04-01, 01:47 PM
In My Humble Opinion

18-04-01, 01:50 PM
While I am back again, can anyone tell me who Rogilla is? The person obviously has worked extensively with horses, I can read that in the comments. He or she has a reputation, albeit anonymously, "Bigger than Ben Hurr"

Watch that spelling TGH

Rosemary (Guest)
18-04-01, 02:06 PM
Rogilla is a mystery, Horseproblems ...

Words of wisdom are offered one day, and total rubbish the next .. and no one knows where he/she comes from ... but probably Australia.

The "reputation" stems from a certain "arrogance" if you wish, and the conceit of the said Rogilla. Never one to refrain from totally panning anybody who may leave a crack in the door .. Rogilla is basically a pretty unlikeable piece of work.

Hmmmm.... not a very nice resume .. let me re-phrase things a little. Rogilla will always take the opportunity to criticise and tell us all that he/she knows better and that we're all a pack of ignorant hicks.

Does that help?? :-)

taking it slowly (Guest)
19-04-01, 01:52 AM
The habit of seeing the "boarder" (and missing the beauty of the true picture) when your don't really know what is going on may actually keeps you from experiencing a deeper, more profound level of understanding of the horse.
Rogilla has this understanding and IMO so have a few others on this forum.
Try to look into what Rogilla and the like have to say and stop looking for flaws in the character you have in your mind.
Strive to learn to see more than you are actually focusing on. You will then come to understand what is going on.

Horseproblems, can you provide a list you have to date for all to see? We may be able to add a thought!

tgh (Guest)
19-04-01, 02:10 AM
I hope that we never find the true Rogilla..

'twould be very disappointing to actually find and /or (gasp) ....meet ..the real person and be able to "nail" some of the rubbish...rather deal with the ghost..

Just gotta support Rose here.. we just love to see it post..(assuming wraiths are ethereal and therefore above sexuality )..and we enjoy all the opinions expressed by it , notwithstanding that many of them would not withstand any sort of "test" , in the way that say Andrew MacLeans thoughts do.

Horp..if you don't know the name...John Chatterton in sunny Q is a likeable and highly competent horseworker...uster ride in a western saddle too but hey everyones not perfect ..:-)

19-04-01, 04:06 AM
Dear I read it too.
Yes I lost my temper at you. Im sick of ignorant people taking pot shots at others. There was no call for your reply.
I was merely asking if anyone was physically able to help this poor girl as I could see the horse was obviously good once, being grade 2 pony club and she probably needs someone to show her how to handle the horse.
As I have not noticed anyone except Horseproblems, Rogilla, Different strokes and one or two others with any understanding of the horses psychology I thought of them, I do not know Patsy or her understanding of horse behaviour.
If anyone else would like to enlighten me on their understanding of horse behaviour and psychology, please do so.
In fact I am going to start a new thread.