View Full Version : Crane Trophy - Does it need Two Judges?

SNH (Guest)
17-04-01, 11:18 PM
In the old days when the hacks at Sydney were over 14.2, if the winner of the Crane Trophy was of "big galloway" height it didn't matter, she was still a hack and judged in the championship by the hack judge, this being the judge that awarded her the Crane Trophy. These days, the Crane is still judged by the hack judge but if the winner is 14.2-15hh, she goes into the galloway, or light hack championship. Does this put the light hack judge in somewhat of a quandry as they did not select this horse in their final line-up? Assuming they have seen the horse in other classes during the week and did not select it as a winner for whatever reason, is there another mare that the light hack judge would have selected instead? What chance does the mare have if that particular judge has not selected it, but it comes into the championship as a worthy winner from a class judged by someone else? This topic came up in conversation yesterday as we watched the judging of the light hacks. All were beautiful horses but the question was raised about how would you give the champion ribbon to a horse that you had not placed first yourself? So, does the Crane Trophy need both the hack and light hack judges or does the height limit get changed to only include those of hack height?

NAT (Guest)
18-04-01, 01:26 AM
Yes SNH, your topic has been a very controversial one for those of us who strive to succeed within the Crane each year. It is a valid point about which champoinship the winner is to compete in due to the judging discrepency. I myself have pondered every year as to an answer that would please everyone - there isn't one. We have scrapped tradition already, so further changes are also inevitable. I would like to see the Crane and the Pope judged as exclusive events which don't qualify for a champion spot. These events are not Royal qualifiers at our Aggies or Hack shows so logic might see that their place in our Royal Champion line up is merely traditional. But also, if I were fortunate to have won the Crane or Pope, it would always sit in the back of my mind as to how I would have done in the Championship. A complicated and debatable topic.

query (Guest)
20-04-01, 08:13 AM
What exactly is the "Crane Trophy," and how should it be judged? And also, what is the "Pope Cup" and how should that be judged?

Gr (Guest)
20-04-01, 08:56 AM
It deffently raises some consideration for both Hack and Galloway Judges to determine the winner of the Crane. I have never competed in it nor taken a great deal interest. Though now breeding Riding Ponies I have taken interest.
It was such a pleasure to watch the winners workout under the Hack Judge. Maybe a point score system with both judges is the way to go.
See You!!

NAT (Guest)
20-04-01, 11:49 AM
The Crane Trophy is for mares between 14.2hh not ex 15.2hh showing th'bred qualities traditionally suitable for breeding riding horses. Despite this some excellent past winners have been of anglo arab, riding pony, warmblood and stock horse breeding. It's a wonderful event for those of us who tolerate our sometimes unpredicatable mares.

The Pope is for geldings over 15.00hh who diplay th'bred qualties suitable as a riding horse. Also a wonderful event.