View Full Version : Remind me why I didn't get a gelding.

Marian (Guest)
18-04-01, 12:51 AM
My first horse was a gelding and now I have a normally calm mare.
Until the horrors hit, she is in season Again. Ohh my God she turns into a monster. Everything is scary now and we don't acknowledge the person on our back trying to calm us down :-)

She turned into a giraffe and will not respond to me even if I try more drastic measures. I give up and wait for it to pass ;-)

Remind me why I didn't get a gelding.


Folly (Guest)
18-04-01, 09:18 AM
It does get better. I have 3 mares :-) and for a while I said no more mares, I want geldings, but I'd never swap them. As the schooing improves, so does their behaviour when in season. One particular mare used to be terrible to ride when in season, then she was ok at home but a horror to compete when in season, and now she's schooling elementary/medium I hardly even know when she's in season.

Someone once recommended a Hilton Herbs product for temperamental mares, I didn't bother to try it but it may be something worth investigating to even the mood swings out.