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Ash (Guest)
18-04-01, 06:21 AM
I finally made it to a Sadderly store that keeps other brands of saddles other than bates. I was definately worth it. I found the The Ulla Salzebeger Saddle is just fantastic, so well balanced and well finished there is even a model with the flair system, adjustable air bag system makes sure the saddle is in perfect balance and comfort for both the horse and rider. I'm sure it will last well with time as well, how does everyone else's Kieffer stand up to performance with time.

18-04-01, 06:38 AM
I've only had my Kieffer Wien saddle for a short time but it has worn very well with pretty constant use. I'm very happy with the saddle overall and position that it puts me in.

Ash (Guest)
18-04-01, 07:10 AM
The Wien is the best seller of the Kieffer range, I liked the wien, but loved the Ulla even better, just personal choice I suppose, I didn't think I would like the big knee block or deep seat, but it just fit like a glove, and so secure, it is no surprise to find that Kieffer is the best selling brand when you compare the finish and materials used in there saddles compared to other brands I will be having a test ride in the Ulla next week. I found it was the best choice for me, the most comfortable saddle I have tried since my old Syd Hill Suprema, can't wait to have a good leather saddle back in the tack room, I am confident it will fit the horses well, fingers crossed, Kieffer would have the sizing down pat.

18-04-01, 12:22 PM
Well I have to admit to being a Kieffer fan. Mine is a Munchen Dressage saddle (the diagonal suede model) and would have to now be at least 25 years old. I've had it for at least 15 years and it has done an awful lot of work in that time and apart from the occasional bit of stitching that needs attending to, is doing just fine.

It is sooo comfortable, I have had people come to try out horses I have had for sale on behalf of clients and they have offered to buy the saddle. I have to admit I did ride in a Wein a few years ago and found it less than comfortable. It not only had a very hard seat, but it also was a lot wider than my Munchen. I am only relatively small, but given that women need a saddle with a narrower waist, I'm suprised that they can ride in these at all. I have not tried any of the other Kieffer's like the Ulla, but am perfectly happy with my antique. I have found that it also fits my rangy fit thoroughbreds very well also.

So in short, while my Kieffer may be very old, it is very comfortable and standing the rigours of time very well. A little TLC every now and then doesn't hurt either.

Rosemary (Guest)
18-04-01, 01:11 PM
O yes, Phillip .. I have a very old Kieffer Munchen, probably 35 years old now I come to think of it ... but not suede ... the seat of mine is actually pigskin ... can anyone remember pigskin saddles?? A little flat in the seat compared with today's "buckets", and tends to sit a little high in the pommel for anything other than a Thoroughbred ..

Have to say that now I only use it for lungeing because I have totally worn out the seat where it attaches to the flaps (on both sides) .... so I guess there's a lot to be said for these modern saddles with "artificial leather" seats ...

18-04-01, 11:25 PM
Last year I wanted to buy a second-hand Kieffer, my local Kieffer guru told me to look out for one thing.

The seat doesn't wear well. I know you are buying new but often on second-hand ones there are little cracks around the seams. Mine is a 3-year-old Lech in VGC and it has the beginnings of a few tiny cracks in the leather. Depending on who you go to you can expect to pay $300 or so for a new seat if it has to be replaced.

Other than that they wear really well - just look at all the 15-20 year old Kieffers around the traps.

AS (Guest)
19-04-01, 03:31 AM
I have two Keiffers and absolutley love them both. One is the very popular Wein and the other is a Grand Prix. The Grand Prix is about 15 years old now and is still the most comfortable wonderful saddle I have ever owned. I find them very comfy as I am quite tall and very broad through the hip. Both saddles fit all different types and shapes of horses. They aren't for everyone though and if you can find an older style (If someone will part with it:D) you will notice they are different to the newer models. They also retain their value well.

lynbarree (Guest)
19-04-01, 05:23 AM
I have an old (must be over 10yrs i think) Kieffer Grand Prix that i bought 2nd hand over 5y ago. It has worn well and has been both my work and competition saddle. I find it a really comfortable saddle which seems to fit all my horses of varying height and types well.

Lorraine (Guest)
19-04-01, 09:28 AM
Love the Keiffers!! I jump in a big old Kieffer event saddle that I love and have a Wein to dressage, trouble is at 17" it is stoo small for me, I seem to be some kind of freak that needs 18". Event saddle is starting to show wear a bit but still very serviceable, Wein looks as new after 3 years of reasonable use.

Ash (Guest)
27-04-01, 03:21 AM
Thank you everyone for all your replys. After a professional saddle fit and a test ride I now have a Kieffer Ulla and its just lovely such a quality finish so much more comfortable and don't the horses just love the change they must think its a miracle so soft on their backs they dont know it even there, it fits the two horses I will be riding perfectly, it was found that the other saddles I had bought after a saddle fit from a different saddlery store didn't even fit the horses, no wonder they were a little uncomfortable. If you are in the market for a saddle please make sure you have a professional saddle fitter and if not sure get a second opion, and dont beleive anyone that tells you that two saddles with the same gullet size will fit, as I was told, by a so called expert.
I am very happy with the Kieffer Ulla and so are the horses, thanks to Horseland at Underwood for service, advice and their expert saddle fitter thank you