View Full Version : Second hand horse gear advertised on CBH.

Anna_TAS (Guest)
18-04-01, 07:57 AM
On the home page for this site it has the "Virtual Saleyard" and it says that it has over 3000 horses and gear for sale........ but I can only ever find horses for sale....where is the gear???????
Can anyone help me????

kat (Guest)
19-04-01, 02:23 AM
Wish I could help you but I have the same problem and Im not normally computer illiterate. Id love to be able to find this mythical horse gear section esp seeing as we cant advertise on the forum.

jp (Guest)
19-04-01, 06:33 AM
I'm sure in an earlier thread I read that Bill was working on it and should be up and running soon - we will just have to be patient :-)