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claire (Guest)
18-04-01, 02:04 PM
Just popped in to say a generalised hello to you all......Have barely had a chance to get on line since we moved, back in January! Well I must say that the move was definitely one of our better life choices, we are SO happy. Its certainly a great property. Have just had the most amazing easter, out riding in the bush with the kids and generally just behaving like one myself...A good gallop is good for the soul, sometimes I think we all forget that and focus too much on minor detail!

Looks like I've got a fair bit of reading to catch up on, so I'll probably resurface in another few more months...seeya...claire

Rosemary (Guest)
18-04-01, 02:12 PM
Hi there Claire!! Just posting back to you so you know at least I'm still around!! That's really nice that you're so totally happy!! Well done!!

Look forward to your input back here on Cyberhorse!!

Happy Easter :D