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19-04-01, 04:12 AM
I realised yesterday how lucky we are to have horses in our lives, & how we take it for granted. Was at Sydney Royal watching the public visit the stables, kids' (& adults) eyes wide with pleasure at being so close up to a horse & being able to touch one. Just Shameless was a real draw card, & boy, did he enjoy the attention. "Classic question of the day" has to be from the Asian tourist, who asked if the Paint white came from crossing horses with cows???? (no comments please, remember, we're naice !)
Just Shameless was Champion Paint Stallion. Reserve was a lovely colt by JS, at his 1st show ever.
My Shameless Fantasy was Champion Mare, then the judge produced a surprise which is any breeder's aim & a real compliment & gave her Supreme over her father.
Alan Briskey then showed off the temperament of the JS babies by taking the young colt for a ride through the crowds around the showground. The colt displayed all the calm & manners of a police horse, which is pretty special. He is just rising 2 & has been broken in for only 3 weeks, & Alan had never ridden him before. What a great day.

19-04-01, 11:19 AM
Someone has asked questions about teaching rein back the western way in a post called Stop Button. Hope one of you can explain this, because I'd like to know too.

Kanga (Guest)
19-04-01, 11:32 AM
Name of young colt is 'Ima Shameless Sensation' owned by Etty Southwell who was nearly crying with joy.

way out west (Guest)
19-04-01, 11:42 AM
who judged your pre paint show and what were they like? what was the american judge like ? Could you follow what He/She was looking for.

19-04-01, 12:23 PM
Glad to see everyone back.
I think Dennis Drew judged the POR at Dubbo, Way out West, but dont qote me on this.

Greenfrog, loved Oh So, we didnt get to stay for the Pleasures on Sunday arvo, sounds like she had a great run, I'm so glad. When I spoke to Ross, he was a tad worried how tired she was and with all of the horses all so p***** off with all the shows. But obviously he pulled the cat out of the hat again. Good for you.

Can anyone tell me who the JS horse that Alan Brisky rode in the 2yo Hunter Under saddle is out of. I know he's Kaths but who is he out of?

Well , my hunter Horse is to be retired from showing,we believe that he has the dreaded 'N' word. Cant get him sound.Have tried the best vets, have the best farrier, but its just not to happen. He will still plod around the local shows, but he cant take the work needed to get to big shows. So QH Nats and NPHA cancelled for me. I'm so sad I just want to cry. He was an awsome Hunter, you only need to ask Kyle or Alan. He won the SQHA Amatuer Jackpot and placed 3rd in the Derby with me on him last year, I was stoked to be behind the likes of Greg Mc and Carolyn Johnson.
Who knows, science may come up with something, but I wont get my hopes up. :'(

Your right DL, we dont know how lucky we are to have our horses. I couldnt imagine a day without them. Even if they have their share of heartache.:-( I wouldnt miss a day.

19-04-01, 12:27 PM
Oh yer, I went into another thread on stopping, Stop button I think. Can anyone go in and explain it better? maybe so its more understandable? I know what I want to say, just never get the words right and I'm sure some Dressage english person is going to have a feild day with our western training.
Anyone got any better ideas? or training methods?

Green Frog (Guest)
19-04-01, 12:44 PM
Hi DG so sorry to hear about your gelding. I can imagine how upset you must be having to cancell out of the good shows. I'm hoping to get down to Sydney to spectate at the QH nationals if work allows. The Shameless gelding that won the 2yo hunter at the nationals is out of a top TB mare to my knowledge. He has a cute stable name "icecream".
Hi cowgirl can't wait till the npha when the 'family' gets together again! Don't worry I'll relax and BREATHE! and DRINK! ha ha.
Congratulations to those that had success at the Royal!

20-04-01, 12:05 AM
Hi everyone.
Welcome back!
Just thought I'd drop a qhuick note.
Green Frog, I'm working on the NPHA (what are the dates?)
Dragonlady, I think its a great thing when Progeny beat their
parents as it means that we are improving the quality of horses.
As much as I love to win at halter(which is no mean feat to Nik) its almost like I desrved to lose if I am beaten by a younger horse, specially if I can see it deserves it LOL!
Brian finally put the last rails on the round yard last night,
Yay! Look out yearlings now.
They are gonna spend a fair few hours in that coming up.
DG, Sorry to hear about you gelding.
I had a gelding with 'N' and with lots of patience fromthe farrier we came up with a solution for light work, but every case is different.
I would hate it if something major happened to Nik!

kanga (Guest)
20-04-01, 12:54 AM
'Icecream' is out of TB mare called 'We Like Her' and it is a very appropriate name for her. She is a lovely mare. His real name is 'I've No Shame'.

20-04-01, 01:32 AM
Morning All,
DG, Icecream was named because he has a scoop of white on the side of his face (enough to regular register him) & looked as a foal like a little kid with icecream smeared over it's face. LOL
That's why I thought you might want to look at Timeless, she has the same breeding, JS x TB mare & is just as tall & elegant. but, damn it, her white is in the wrong places, just 4 socks & blaze, & she only made the Paint Bred register. After all the stressing about rugs, found her NAKED in the paddock the other morning. How do they DO that?? Just 1 ripped off leg strap, everything else, including hood, still intact & done up!!! So that's it. Turned her out this morning with another yearling & a broody to play with. Do her good to be a horse for a little while, she has to come in to be broken in very soon, as soon as Kyle has finished his show season. Brought old Bo back in this morning to polish him up. Got a show at Allandale weekend after next & have decided to take him to do the beginner classes at a 3 show weekend at South Grafton the long weekend in June. Might even have my first go at trail up there. Hope it's not as hard as the trail at the Nats, that was a huge ask for the 2 year olds.

20-04-01, 10:39 AM
Does everyone have better things to do with their time than the 'puter these days?

20-04-01, 12:33 PM
Yes it does seem quiet doesn't it. I got a shock when I saw my number of posts listed, talk about a loudmouth !!! But don't worry, as the days get shorter & colder the 'puter's going to look pretty good again. I really wish they'd leave Daylight Saving on all year. I get up in the dark in Winter anyway, but truly hate coming home & feeding up in the dark after work. I suppose we're lucky really, that we don't have to cope with snow & frozen pipes & water buckets. Have you ever read the English horse mags, they really do it tough. They also seem to keep their horses going to very ripe old ages, & put up with all sorts of behavioural problems that I wouldn't tolerate. There are even some Western Showies over there, but must be a real minority. I wonder if any of them read CH?

DG (Guest)
21-04-01, 12:35 AM
Thanks for everyones thoughts about my boy and his 'N'. Yer Magnet, my farrier, who coinsidently is my hubby( so good to have the Aus. Olmpic farrier in bed with you. Hehehe :D so to speak) has tried just about every shoe invented, and finally we have wedges on him and that seems to working enough to able to get away with minimum work. He wont Hunter anymore, pity cause he's such a good hunter, stlye very much like 'Icecreams'which is why I enquired. No he now has to Pleasure, which he does, mediocre, but can do it. Bob will ride him this weekend at the HVQHA show at Allandale. Cant wait, this will be Bobs debut!!
He's trying the pleasure thing, he going from '1986 world champion saddle bronc champion' to 'local rookie western pleasure rider'. I'm so proud of him, love him to bits.
Oops, getting way off the subject here, I'll have to join the adult forum if I keep going on. :7 ( But he does have a cute bum)
I think all the horsey people need to put in a protest to the government, we need daylight saving in winter :P At least then there would be enough time to get everything done in the arvo.

After seeing Icecream at Paint week, we may considering looking at buying a TB mare to breed to a QH stallion, so we can maybe increase chances of getting a Hunter style horse. Who knows!!!!
OK gotta go, been on this damn 'puter for sooooo long this morning, havnt made the beds and its almost time to go to work!!!:'(

Jules P (Guest)
21-04-01, 01:15 AM
Hi Western Showies, Could someone please tell me how you guys go about teaching flying changes? From what I can work out this exercise is less of a drama in western showing then it is in dressage, so I was wondering what exercises you use. Thanks in anticipation Jules

21-04-01, 01:26 AM
hehehe, DG, careful... Magnet & I got a bit cheeky like that once & got a smack from Kate H, but we really can't help it, you know what they say about "horsey gals" LOL
I'd love to come watch Bob's debut this weekend, but going to the previously postponed Dungog ODE. I'm being allowed to take our event rider boarder up with her horses in MMM Chevvy !!
I wonder if there are enough of us for a Daylight Saving Lobby. We'd have lots of protests, it fades the curtains don't you know!
A really naice story. Kyle & Alan Briskey had a bit of a mechanical bull contest at the pub at Dubbo & both were nearly impossible to unseat (flat out constant spinning was the only way). The bull people were raising money for kids with cancer with a head shaving night so Alan joined in. Guess who turned up at Sydney Royal with a bald head. He raised $100 for the appeal, onya Alan.

21-04-01, 01:33 AM
Oops, forgot to add that while Kyle kept his hair, he donated a decent sum to the appeal instead, as did quite a few other Paint people. Well done.

21-04-01, 04:48 AM
Hi All!
Is quite handy having "people of the trade" sleeping in the same bed with you.
I don't have to pay a trainer, but I do the farrier. LOL!
I think a few people are on the same track as you DG. My girlfriend has recently purchased a few ASB TB mares to breed a few hunter types.
If you use ASB mares to Imported stallions they are eleigible for American Rego. There fore another class to ride in.
Her aim is to breed a few then chase the sponsers to put some decent money on the Hunter classes.
Sound alright?
Kyle and David Dixon had a ride off on the Mechanical Bull at the NSW state appy show.
It was a toss up.
They rode half naked double dinking (this is after they took each others clothes off trying to get another off.)back to front, no hands, standing up etc etc.
Kyle's can sit a bull no worries.
Allan was a bit "shy" that night.
Petra(works for Greg Mac)wasn't shy though. Another girl and her had to also have a ride off. Petra was a real crowd pleaser after she tossed her lingerie into the crowd (while still having her top clothes on)Amaaaaaaaaazing! I don't know how she managed that.
It won the crowd anyway.
See we are just a bunch of fun loving "western Showies" LOL!

Brian and I made a huge decision today, we are gonna advertise our two broodmares (one in foal to Loot and the the other to Impressive Ruler) and my yearling gelding in the Paint Journal next month and perhaps purchase one ready made pleasure prospect.
Already performed and well broke.
Neither of us have the time(Re: Lack of Daylight)to put into young stock.
We already have one super rising 2yo and of course Nik (who could forget) so maybe a 3-4 year old will be the go.
This was a big decision as we bred these mares for a purpose but Brian is not getting any younger and I think he's gonna start pushing the family issue soon. Shhhh!
I will do an ad up today and email it I s'pose.
Better go do it.
See ya.

21-04-01, 05:52 AM
I've done it.
They are advertised on The Virtual Saleyard, feel free to have a sticky.
Now I have to contct the Mag to put it in there.

Caitlin (Guest)
21-04-01, 08:40 AM
Hi folks, I'm not game to answer the question about flying changes.It will probably just start another "cat fight" between english and western.(Not meaning you Jules)Maybe someone else more experienced might have a go.Put hubby on here Magnet!
I agree that to win in Hunter these days you must start using TBs for that long lean leggy look but with the cute QH type head and hopefully manners.It's what they've been doing in the States so I even though I'm not really happy about it(QH wise)I guess you gotta do what you gotta do.If I was going to concentrate on hunter I would definately be doing it.

21-04-01, 09:02 AM
Wow, huge decisions. You have been doing some soul searching & making plans. It's great that you 2 can plan things together, but yes, shhhh, about the family thing, that's a whole different ball game. Speaking of which, our expected grandbaby is either very big for it's age, or is actually 2 grandbabies ! Scan in 2 weeks to tell for sure. You should have no trouble selling your horses & you are welcome to come stay here if you find a prospect to look at up this way. New horse shopping is always fun. Appy, Paint or Quarter ???. Sorry, don't know of any offhand. The Dubbo pub goers must love it when the Westies come to town, especially the Appy's by the sounds of it. None of our girls were quite so lively. Gotta go hook up float to Chevvy now Ken is home. VERY early start tomorrow, but the event is only an hour away. Haven't been eventing for a while, so will be great to catch up with all the riders again.

appy95 (Guest)
21-04-01, 09:42 AM
hi all,
magnet had a look at your horses on the site. did you find out anything about that horse in horse deals. D/L you going eventing i once owned a ex showjumper that loved to jump but not me fallen off to many times. LOL.

22-04-01, 12:38 AM
DG, I'm still trying to get hold of that person, will try again today.
I think I'm gonna buy a paint. Gelding or mare won't really matter.
Although Kanga has or had a pretty cute colt by Buddy on her website. I Could be tempted. LOL!