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09-01-08, 02:36 AM
This morning whilst eating, my mare had a coughing fit, just after EI this is not what I wanted to hear!
When I raced over to her she was back in her feed bowl, eating slowly as usual. Then she started coughing again. I rubbed her throat, it felt fairly hard especially at the top. She hasn't coughed again since. Took her temp. but it was normal.
She eats really slowly ( longer than any other horse on the property even though she is fed first and has the smallest feed) so it's not like she bolts her food and chokes on it, and her feed is always wet, and full of crunchy things to encourage her to chew. She is very laid back and not the brightest spark, so I wonder if she just forgot to swallow and kept stuffing face?
Anyone had problems with this sort of thing?


09-01-08, 06:01 AM

09-01-08, 09:52 AM
It sounds more like something that had temperarily tickled her throat than choke. Choke can be quite severe, usually you will hear them coughing and their will be mucous coming from their nose with probably food particles in it, this mucous will usually be fairly thickish, clear and sticky, it can be as bad as pouring out of their nose. It is not a nice sight and can be quite damaging through to leaving a permanent problem.