View Full Version : A great day for the mares at Sydney Royal Grand Prix World Cup Qualifier Showjumping!

georgina (Guest)
19-04-01, 02:34 PM
Congratulations to Vicky Roycroft and Luna Luna who recorded the only two clear rounds today. Equal second with a clear round in the first and 8 faults in the second was another mare, Miss Sully, ridden by Brad Trewin. Chris Chugg on Navy Seal (8 faults in the first & clear in the second round) and Brad Frankum on Pelicans Rest Cougar ( 4 faults in each round) were the other two equal second place-getters.

Jan Heine (Guest)
19-04-01, 02:43 PM
Georgina you beat me to it - just flew in from Sdyney and wrote my report on the plane - will send it to Bill now and then get on with finishing the Mount Gambier report - complete with phtos people!!!!
Sensational jumping today and have to say that I have always been a fan of Miss Sully and she was superb and the grin on Brad Trewins face in presentation was just sensational.

georgina (Guest)
19-04-01, 11:49 PM
Yes it was a superb day. I look forward to your report and photos. Brad Trewin really should be very pleased with his result. He had to work so hard to keep Miss Sully under control it seemed to me. She looked like she was trying to tell him that she knew how to get around the course better than he did. I was also pleased to see Jamie Coman and LL Zazu put in a clear second round after his 12 faults in the first - I fell in love with this horse and the Olympics. But what a lovely workman-like performance from Luna Luna. She went out beautifully and appeared to be very responsive and just flowed over the jumps. I would have gladly popped her in my showbag, lol!
Of the stallions, I think that TEP Clover Flush finished best on 24 faults. I can see why you are impressed with the Irish Sport horses. He didn't seem particularly fazed by the day - jumping with all sorts of distraction. He seemed to be perhaps a little tired to me on his second round. Perhaps it's been a long two weeks for him. From the photos that I've seen, your Irish Draught stallion Celtic Gold looks very similar to TEP Clover Flush (and I don't just mean colour). Are they similar in real life, too?

20-04-01, 12:11 AM
It was televised last night on C7. A big thumbs up to the organisers, and the TV channel. Great coverage -2 whole hours - so unusual, wish there was more.
Luna Luna is awesome, what a girl!

Jan Heine
20-04-01, 02:02 AM
Hey there Georgina actually no photos of Sydney just a blurb - unfortunately I just couldn't do "the lot" - the jumping was interesting and I have made my comments in my piece - gee I am not sure though that I would refer to Luna Luna's round as workmanlike - I hear what you are saying but I actually felt that it was one of the most exciting rounds I have seen the mare do - she was flowing, flamboyant, confident and scopey as all heck!
As for Celtic Gold and Clover Flush - well the differences are that Celtic Gold is a Pure Bred Irish Draught and hence the article by which you produce the Irish Sport Horse - he is a very special young fellow because very few of the Pure Breds jump through to A Grade and if they do they are usually 12 or 13 when they get there -Celtic Gold got to A Grade by 8 years of age and did so at the big shows even winning Barastoc Horse of the Year in 2000 which was a wonderful achievement for the Irish Draught horse. OK now having done my advertisement *grin* Clover Flush is an Irish Sport Horse which is, as I said further up, a derivative of the Irish Draught crossed with something,usually the thoroughbred but increasingly with the warmblood in Ireland and Europe. And it is interesting that Clover Flush and Celtic Gold have very different techniques - and no I am not about to go into a discussion about the differences in technique - and then again Celtic Blue Diamond also has a very different technique to Celtic Gold and Clover Flush.
As for nothing phasing Clover Flush - did you also see the presentation where Vicki Roycroft was aboard the mare Luna Luna and young Michelle Barrera (sp?) was aboard the little man Premier des Hayattes and he just stood there calmly and sweetly with all the ruckus going on around him and he never moved a muscle - just stood there looking superb and being such a good little man - that is the way stallions should behave and thankfully most do!
Isn't it wonderful though to see so many stallions and mares winning jumping classes - we are building our future now - our winners are entires and that should mean that in years to come we will have a steady suppy of quality horses.

Lynette (Guest)
20-04-01, 02:35 AM
It is great that Australia is now gaining a great pool of show jumping mares and stallions. Let's hope not too many of them are lost overseas. For too long showjumping has been the poor relation of the equestrian world, what with the eventers winning 3 Olympic golds in a row and the dressage riders improving in leaps and bounds.

Lucky JulieC being able to watch the Sydney showjumping on C7. You must have either Optus or Austar where you are. I have to have Foxtel, and while they show the European world cup classes and some eventing from England, I would love to see Australian showjumping and eventing. If only we could chose any channels from any pay-TV provider we wanted. My husband would go mad though - I would have C7 as well as Fox Sports and Fox Sports 2.

georgina (Guest)
20-04-01, 11:28 AM
I've read your report and found it as very informative as usual and this time, because I was there I also found it educational, too. Workman-like is high praise from me (I am thinking of an artisan who takes pride in his or her work and pays attention to detail). I thought that she did the job before her without fuss and beautifully. I accept that I am not experienced enough to gauge style but as I said I was very impressed with her work. I did note Premier des Hayettes in the presentation and was impressed with his steadiness. In fact it seemed that many of the geldings were flightier than the stallions!
I was also able to hear that Allan McCusker's horse was another stallion, Fabius, who is a Grand Prix level dressage trained Holsteiner. I'm not surprised that you missed this because the acoustics in the arena were not very good and not all the horses were catalogued!

Jan Heine (Guest)
20-04-01, 03:31 PM
Hey there Georgina - I kind of understood what you meant by workmanlike but that is just semantics - we both had the same feelings about Luna Luna *grin*

My problem was actually not the cataloguing - my problem was that they had sold out of the catalogues and I had to rely on Barks' commentary and as you said the accoustics are not great there so thanks for that info!

Yep it is interesting about the geldings - they do seem to be getting flightier and flightier - not sure of the answer to that one!

me (Guest)
21-04-01, 01:39 AM
Is Celtic gold still competing or is he retired to stud.

Kylie (Guest)
21-04-01, 02:12 AM
What about young Peter Mc Mahon and Ambivalence, this was their first World Cup Start and what a start it was, most impressive.

Jan Heine (Guest)
21-04-01, 02:41 AM
Me - Celtic Gold has NOT been retired to stud nor has he been put down as some have said - he is recovering from a very nasty accident at Tonimbuk World Cup Show where he crunched himself on a practice fence and tore the muscles in his upper hind leg - he is recovering beautifully but will not be jumping till next season - particularly as the season is now over *grin* but thankyou for asking.
And Kylie how right you are - made mention of the fact in my overview of the event - Peter (and I apologise for getting the surname wrong) and Ambivalence are an exceptionally talented pair and their ride in the class was sensational - here that Peter and Ambivalence then went on to win or place in the Juniors as well - is that correct?

Kylie (Guest)
21-04-01, 03:19 AM
Yes he went on and won the Young riders on the final day and placing with his second horse (I definately wouldnt mind his stable of horses)

Kylie (Guest)
21-04-01, 03:21 AM
By the way Jan, do you know the breeding of Brad Frankum's PR Cougar - the back end on this horse is awesome!!!

georgina (Guest)
21-04-01, 10:06 AM
Jan, perhaps they become geldings because they are flighty?

georgina (Guest)
21-04-01, 10:14 AM
I would have liked to know the breeding of several of the horses. I did manage to get a catalogue and was disappointed to find that sire & dam are not listed. I tried to find Luna Luna'a breeding on the BCM site but although she is listed with her World Cup placings there is no information recorded about her breeding.

Aunty Ma (Guest)
21-04-01, 10:27 AM
Anyone know who and what was the HUGE imported horse that was jumping ? Friends where impressed with him but could not hear the commentary(sp?) very well.

Jan Heine (Guest)
21-04-01, 06:02 PM
Sorry Kylie don't know Cougars breeding but I am on the hunt for the information.

Luna Luna's breeding is Oldenburger by Landadel out of an Alme Star mare (thanks for that infor Vicki *grin*) and what a super scope machine she is!

As for the super big horse - Luke W is his name and he is ridden and owned by Greg Simpson - the horse is reportedly 18hh and came from Belgium I think! Don't know his breeding - he is a gelding.

georgina (Guest)
22-04-01, 05:02 AM
Thanks for the breeding info, Jan. It would be nice if there was a site with this info on it on the web. Perhaps there is (said hopefully) and I just haven't found it yet? The ASB site is excellent for Aussie thoroughbreds and the BCM site has info on most of the Eurpoean sporthorses, but I haven't found a site which lists the breeding of Aussie horses which compete in showjumping or dressage or eventing.

Jan Heine (Guest)
22-04-01, 11:29 AM
Georgina part of the problem is that many do not know the breeding of their horses as they are from the "market" or from so and so down the road and ect. As we have more and more purpose bred horses this will obviously change - but so often the riders don't bother to track the breeding of their "off the track" throughbred because it isn't worth it unless the horse makes it to the top! *grin* and by then they have forgotten about doing it anyway.
I am trying to put together my own listings so that when the jumping season starts again i hope to have the info easily and readily available - in the mean time if I can help I will always do my best so just ask and I will try and find out for you!

georgina (Guest)
23-04-01, 06:33 AM
I have no doubt that for a number of competition horses, their breeding would be unknown. However, for those for whom the breeding is known there doesn't seem to be a reliable site which lists this information. The BCM site lists Aussie horses and their World Cup qualifier placings but only has breeding information for some - probably those who have competed overseas. For instance, Luna Luna is listed on the BCM site but without any details of her breeding. Perhaps if catalogues listed breeding information where it is known then this information would find it's way to sites such as the BCM one, where stickybeaks like me could look it up.
Thank you for finding the info on the breeding of Luna Luna. Her sire, Landadel, is listed as the sire of a number of the showjumpers on the BCM list, but I've been unable to find other info on him. Does your source know where information about him can be found easily?
By the way, I also noticed from the BCM site that the current top performing showjumping offspring of Cruising were three mares: Cruise Line, Cruiseway, and Rincoola Abu. This got me wondering whether Cruising may be an X-factor sire - passing his talent through to his daughters rather than his sons.

Jan Heine (Guest)
23-04-01, 06:55 AM
The info on BCM Georgina is fro the competitors themselves as far as I know and so the fact that the aussie horses breeding is not there kind of tells its own story - however Vicki usually does list breeding I think.
My source for Luna Luna's breeding is Vicki herself and the sire is also responsible for horses such as Helena Weinbergs Silwa Little Gun who I happen to think is sensational.
Now as for Cruising - I will have to look up my books again (and sadly yet happily most books are now packed in boxes ready for the big move) but I have a feeling in the back of my mind that Cruising throws more fillies than colts - could be wrong but as I said I need my book to check on this and he also has some excellent youngsters (male) coming up the ranks now. He has certainly proved that he is not just a performance horse but also an excellent sire - and so often the performance stallions don't pass it on and equally so many non performance stallions produce very talented off spring -just goes to show that no amount of book learning can actually guarantee you get "it" right at the end of the day!! *grin*

georgina (Guest)
23-04-01, 01:22 PM
Thanks for filling in some of the gaps for me, Jan. Yes, I agree that the problem with theories is that they don't always work out in real life. However, I do like coming up with theories anyway, lol!

CJP (Guest)
24-04-01, 03:39 AM
Someone else may be able to tell you the breeding. But I'll butt in and say Brad has done an amazing job with this horse. I can remember the first time this horse ever jumped away from home at a jump club. He had already broken his riders arm and nose once at home and proceeded to injure him further at jump club, by tosing him out over the perimeter fence when he refused to jump a 3' fence. He was a very very difficult horse to handle. He's always been particularily difficult in the mouth as well.
I think you'll find that both of Brad's horse's seem to have a spectacular hind end due to those 'controversial' long hind boots.

kylie (Guest)
24-04-01, 06:35 AM
Wow, if a pair of boots can do that to a horses back end - let me get a pair!!!!

Russell Davidson (Guest)
24-04-01, 06:39 AM
Hi Jan .
Your coverage of showjumping is to be congratulated ,please continue.
My son SHANE who is a full time showjumper in germany ,competing mostly on holsteiners and oldenburgers for the last eight years , was involved in a riding accident, and was taken to oldenburger hospital to mend a brocken leg , after getting caught up on the back rail of and oxer,and the horse rolling on top of him , he is now recovering but has to return to hospital again next week .
The WBFSH SIRES and SPORT 2000/2001 book has alot of info , page 418 will give you the latest of the final indivdual world breeding rankings.
And the AUSGEWAHLTE HENGSTE DEUTSCHLANDS. 2000 book covers most of the four generations of breeding ,alot of good reading .
Over the years i have breed some very interesting bloodlines , thru frozen semen , when you get into queensland give me a call,ph /07 55 430275 and come out to fairbanks for a tour and morning tea.

georgina (Guest)
24-04-01, 10:43 AM
Thank you for the information on where to obtain breeding information. I am very sorry to hear of your son's accident. I do hope that he makes a complete and speedy recovery. It must be dreadful for you that he is injured and on the other side of the world.

Jan Heine
24-04-01, 03:30 PM
Kylie yep Brad has done a magic job with the horse - I actually don't even want to get into a discussion regarding those "controversial backboots" - I seriously hope that kids don't start buying them and creating major problems which these boots can, in some instances, do!

Russell I would love you to get in touch with me - my email is celtic_winners@onaustralia.com.au and give me more details about your son and what he is up to as I like to keep people informed here at home about what our riders (s/jumpers) are doing overseas.

Look forward to hearing from you and say hello to the lad and hope he is back in the saddle quick smart

CJP (Guest)
27-04-01, 01:00 PM
Don't get me wrong, under no circumstances am I advocating the use of those boots. I was just commenting on the use of them!
I have my own opinion on them and they are not something I would recommend people rushing out and buying.