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Silver (Guest)
20-04-01, 12:00 AM
Was just reading the thread on dogs and horses and I thought I would like to make another comment from a different perspective. I make most of my living from raising sheep and I am sickened by all those 'Country' people who leave their dogs loose either day or night. Every lambing season I have lambs torn to pieces by wandering dogs, (my neighbour has lost calves also) but when I catch one in the act and phone the owners they cannot believe that dear old Rover could have done such a thing, travelled so far, or whatever. sometimes they even claim it can't be their dog as he was right there with them 'just a moment ago!'

So what I am saying is tie them up! It is not cruel. save your neighbours a lot of heartache. I have dogs too and they are either tied up or in their pens, not wandering all over the countryside. Remember, when you shift onto your hobby farm or acreage, you are actually often shifting into the middle of someone else's workplace so please behave accordingly!

20-04-01, 12:13 AM
Well said Silver - as a border collie breeder I have always been an advocate of knowing where your dogs are at all times. Mine get tied up when we are not at home - thats it, end of story. Saves alot of heart ache from having injured dogs, annoyed neighbours and maimed stock.

20-04-01, 05:47 AM
The farmer behind our place is well known in the area for shooting any stray (any dog that is not his) that wanders onto his place. And from what I hear he is well within his rights. It costs farmers a fortune in lost stock because people wont take responsibilty for their own dogs.

angie sa
20-04-01, 06:02 AM
I also agree, we breed kelpies and they are kept in large free running pens. People come to our farm see the dogs in these pens and all you hear is "Poor things dont they look sad".

Hell these dogs are ran twice a day, trained around sheep three times a week. They are working dogs, feed well, looked after, our vet bill is huge every month keeping these well muscled animals fit and healthy only to have somebody elses dog come through with a desiese. A new litter of pups to young to be immunesed come down with parvo, kennal cough ect.... my dogs destoyed and my income down the drain.

WE get heaps of trouble at lambing time lm talking rotties,pit bulls, and great danes. WE live in sa and our 1500 ac property borders a town.fuul of bad dogs.

WE give the owner plenty of warnings but in one ear and out the other. The only thing they react to is when you take the coller of their dead dog back to them.

Regards Angie SA

20-04-01, 06:44 AM
I'm a city-slicker, but totally support the rights on landowners to shoot dogs on their property that are threatening their livestock or persons.

My horse is on an agistment property bordering a town and the manager has for years been known to shoot dogs that stray onto the farm. It finally taught the locals not to let fido run around. At the moment they are trying to catch a pair of pit-bulls that have killed over 10 goats on the property - ripped them to shreds more like! If I could shoot straight I'd kill the bloody things myself.

I lived in the UK before coming to Oz and I remember an excellent documentary film made over there about domestic dogs. They set up night-vision cameras and even put some on the collar of local dogs. The owners were all asked wether their dogs wandered at night. EACH ONE said "Oh no! My dogs' safely locked in our yard etc" well, the cameras told the real truth :O Nearly every dog escaped their back garden / yard and ganged up with other local dogs to roam the streets in packs. They attacked native wildlife and even people taking late night walks. IN short they were dangerous and the owners lived in ignorant bliss about their real natures!!!!

They should do a similar expose here; enough has been said about cats eating wildlife, what about the dogs?

Lynette (Guest)
20-04-01, 07:30 AM
My husband used to live in a rural area not far north of Brisbane. Some of the local dairy farmers were losing calves so the Rural Lands Protection Officer was called in to put out 1080 baits to get rid of them. The local farmers and townspeople were told to lock up their dogs for a few nights while the baits were out. The townspeople didn't bother (the "my dog doesn't wander at night" syndrome). Half the town dogs died of 1080 poisoning. There was a huge furore, but as they had been warned beforehand to lock up their dogs, they had no comeback.

Whether it was the town dogs killing the calves or not, no one will ever know because a few dingoes got the baits as well. At least the calf killings stopped.

Everyone complains about the wildlife killed by cats wandering at night. Makes you wonder if a lot of these killings can be attributed to dogs, which hunt in packs and are much more effective than a lone moggy in hunting down prey. Fido by himself may not catch much, but Fido with Rex, Rover and Ralph helping him can do a lot of damage. (Apologies to owners of dogs of those names, it doesn't mean your dogs specifically - just using generic "dog" names)