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20-04-01, 01:33 AM
Boy did I have a lucky escape last night. My b/f had the day off work and amongst the thousands of things he did for me yesterday involving horses (and he doesn't even particularly like them), he carted some hay from the hayshed to my feedshed as he noticed I was out. I had actually planned to do it in the dark last night when I fed up.

In the grass hay pile exactly where I would have grabbed from he discovered a very large european was nest with lots buzzing in and out. Of course it would have been quiet when I did it because it would have been dark and imagine the nasty surprise I would have gotten. Ouch!!!!

So today we have a bloke coming out to look at the hay pile to decide how best to kill them. Apparently he comes back at night and uses a relatively non-toxic powder, but I have to say that I am still a little concerned about poisoning of my hay and how much I am going to have to destroy.

20-04-01, 04:42 AM
When we lived in NZ we had wasps around - it was no big deal but they do hurt when you bite you. My dad discovered a nest in our favourite treed play area, he poured diesel down it and set it a light - no more wasps.


rubiton (Guest)
20-04-01, 05:44 AM
Sounds the common way to destroy it (have heard other stories about getting rid of them).

We get the european wasps in our small backyard when the grass gets cut (though it is getting long now). Unfortunately we cannot locate the actual nest (its not on our property) so the council isn't interested but its awful standing in the yard with these things flying around on mass going to and fro.