View Full Version : dressage training vs other basic training

dee (Guest)
20-04-01, 04:43 AM
Well, tgh mentioned earlier that:

"a working horse is very supple and light but not in the way that the narrow confines of high level dressage requires
and so
**the training from day one tends to be different
not more or less correct
just different"

**This seems to me to be pure and utterly missunderstood.

Why do you think there should be a "difference" in basics????

Basic training on all levels is basic training.

BTDT (Guest)
20-04-01, 04:57 AM
Basic training in all levels is basic training, as on the other post they were talking mouthing, no matter what disipline all horses get taught the basics; turning, stopping and Reining back,without this you really havnt got a rideable horse have you? What other way is there to start a horse?.

20-04-01, 05:06 AM
I understand what tgh means. Lets take running and ballet and gymnastics.
The basic training for each one is completely different as you need different types of fitness and strength.

However the basics I'm talking about are before you even get to an individual discipline. It is the basics of walking, stopping, turning, sitting down, understanding the spoken language so you can be told how to perform the movements you need to do.

Does this make sense tgh? We are taking it back further and breaking it down even more.

dee (Guest)
20-04-01, 07:16 AM
Understanding, before fitness. Sure, I can relate to that.
However, a persons grasp of the true meaning to 'basics' is where a lot of trouble starts. Too few skip these and run ahead of the understanding part for the horse and meet trouble head on and then call 'difficult horse'.