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curious? (Guest)
20-04-01, 07:55 AM
unable to get to the sydney royal this year, but have not stoped hearing about this horse called "finest" winning the novice 16/16.2 class, going champion novice and second in the open. any comments, whats all the fuss about?

Mappa (Guest)
20-04-01, 09:36 AM
The fuss is justifable.
Finest is a lovely, lovely horse and was beautifully ridden by Michael Christie.
I'm sure he will be a force to be reckoned with next season. Actually this Sydney Royal was probably most noteable for the emergence of three or four really lovely young hacks from the novices.
Congrats to all the connections of Finest - owners are Paris Merry and Sheila Flanders I believe.

Guineas (Guest)
20-04-01, 12:28 PM
Ues Mappa,
I agree. A really lovely horse that stood out (he is by Bletchencore (by Bletchingly)), and thoroughly deserved his Best Novice win and reserve champion Hack award. Maree T had a lovely ride on him and rewarded him appropriately.

lalala (Guest)
20-04-01, 01:09 PM
so whats with all the fuss?

Bravado (Guest)
20-04-01, 01:36 PM
I wouldn't say there was a fuss, no scandal or bru haha.

He is a relatively fresh horse to the show world, having judged the horse late last year, I believe he has come along way and was deserving of the success he enjoyed at Sydney.

DebP (Guest)
22-04-01, 01:23 PM
i watched this horse at Sydney and was impressed not a huge mover but very elegant indeed.