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17-01-08, 04:14 PM
1. Recently I discovered that some mice have chewed holes in two bags of Fibre Plus (used instead of white chaff) and built a fort out of the fibre plus that they moved out of the bags. I've cleaned up all the stuff outside of the bags, but the bags are still about half full and the most of the feed looks normal. But I'm wondering if it's actually ok to use?

2. How does everyone dispose of old feed, moudly hay, etc.?


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18-01-08, 12:51 AM
My mum uses the old hay on the gardens at home. As long as grazing animals cant get near it.

18-01-08, 05:40 AM
I would never feed anything to my horse that knowingly has had mice in it.

Mice can carry disease and if they've pooped in the chaff, which they more than likely have done, and you feed this to your horse he will get sick.

Rats are carriers of diseases via fleas (foot-and-mouth disease, typhus, plague, etc).

Mice can transmit a number of diseases to humans and livestock including:
salmonella to humans and domestic animals
encephalomyocarditis (EMC) virus to pigs
leptospirosis to humans, dairy cattle and domestic pigs
tapeworms, roundworms and fungal skin diseases (ringworm) to cats and humans.

Mouse droppings can also cause bacterial poisoning of human and livestock foods.

Throw it out straight away.



18-01-08, 07:16 AM
What about mothy type things? (not sure what they're called)

If you get those mothy things that sort of coocoon themselves against your grain etc.

I have a bag of Showtorque that has mothy things in it. They seem to be happily nesting in the feed on the top. I've scraped off all the mothy looking grain from the top and I think they've gone, but I'm too scared to use the feed.

Do the mothy things make your feed go off, or what?!?!

Also, yeah mice I wouldn't use feed thats had mice in it. They wee and poo everywhere! Its really quite disgusting and I wouldn't want to eat it so I dont think my horse would either.

As for disposing of it I throw my feed on the muck heap out the back of the barn that the horse's can't get to. Or you can offer it to some landscape people as mulching maybe?

18-01-08, 07:27 AM
Chuck all the icky stuff out. Lucerne's great for garden mulch, as are most non-grain feeds as they don't grow evil weeds. All grainy feed I either give to the chickens or ( if no chickens) Spread out in grassly part of resting paddocks, as they sprout, or the birds get to it!

Next thing to do is go buy some metal drums with sealable lids :)

18-01-08, 07:44 AM
Hi i love royal i wont use feed if vermin have gotten into the bags! its a waste of money but they carry so many diseases its just not worth it.

if i have yuck hay i put that on the garden, but if its hard feed i just toss that into our garden clippings bin.

IF your right then i'll agree with you!

18-01-08, 09:28 AM
tell you the story of a horse breeder lady I know.

About 10 years ago now, she did just that, had some feed go off. So being a cheapskate, she picked out the bad bits, and fed the 'good' bits out in that evening's feed - to some 20 horses, youngstock, mares stallions etc.

So next day oldest mare is sick, by the end of the day she's got 14 very sick horses and a perplexed vet. She's got horses on drips, she's got vet doing transfusions and all sorts of expensive things as these horses are dropping like flys.

She goes into hysterics when the first horse dies. Goes into even more hysterics when her vet and the DPI insist on cutting its head off and taking the head away for testing. (vet and DPI were worried that it may have been a nasty virus).

turns out that the horses had botulism. After a week the 10th horse dies. her breeding program is put back years, she's about to have a mental collapse, her vet bill is astronomical.

And all because she wanted to save a couple of dollars and not 'waste' feed.

Moral to the story, if in doubt - chuck it. It ain't worth it.

18-01-08, 09:32 AM
"If in doubt, chuck it out"

Mum mum's garden loves mouldy lucerne!

18-01-08, 01:07 PM
Thankyou to everyone for your advice! Shall most definitly be getting rid of the bad feed tomorrow. I opened a bag of lucerene chaff today only to discover.. more mould! Ugh.

Sealable drums.. I shall have look into that.


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Dare to be all you can be
Dare - 'cause there is a place where dreams survive
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18-01-08, 01:15 PM
if you just opened the lucerne take it back.
I took chaff back once as it smelt like mice poo yuk and another time there was binder twine in it (stupid twat farmer prob put whole bale thru without cutting string off) he got really shitty and said there was nothing wrong with either, i tipped some of the string stuff out and wow more string, that shut him up, and i made him sniff the mouse poo stuff ewwwwww.

Oh yeah he's my FIL, nice man ae, I had to pay full price for my caprilli saddle when he could of easiy knocked $500 off at least (my partner works for him and he looked it up in the books for me) and it was right before my 21st, so i got being poor as my pressie hehe

sorry i was rambling

chuck the mouse stuff, take the mouldy stuff back!