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sucker (Guest)
20-04-01, 11:44 AM
has anyone heard of malt comings (spelling?). I have been told that they put on weight.

20-04-01, 12:26 PM
Hi Sucker. Are you the same 'Sucker' with the passion for the poor horse that you have just bought? I use malt combings and they do maintain weight but need to be fed correctly i.e too much and you will give your horse the scours. They are a by product of the brewing process (beer):-) similar to pollard in appearance. They have quite a pleasant smell and my nags seem to do well and like them. I feed mine slightly damp otherwise they make the entire feed too dry. What state are you in purely as a matter of interest? Cheers. :-)

sucker (Guest)
20-04-01, 12:36 PM
yes I'm the same sucker.

20-04-01, 12:43 PM
Oh, ok. Well if you have read the other replies to your previous posts all people agree with the keep it simple principle in your lads case. The malt combings are palatable and relatively cheap and should help out with the weight factor. Hope this helps you, feel free to email me if you want a chat. Cheers and Good Luck, what is his name by the way? :-)