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22-01-08, 11:07 AM
I have a yearling who has the start of rainscald on his back. I usually use Povidone Iodine (Betadine, Vetadine) scrub for rainscald but one of my friends has suggested Chloramine (Halasept, Halamid). Which should I use?

I used Chloramine in the past (15 years ago) - but the vet said it was a 'last resort'. Though admittedly I've since found that vet to be a money hungry git who's a bit unreliable.

So, I'll be starting treatment tomorrow. Though should I go for iodine or chloramine? Also, yearling is chestnut and will be shown over the next couple of months so I would prefer something that doesn't bleach or damage the coat. I can't rmember if cholramine does this.


22-01-08, 11:52 AM
My vet used to say rub baby oil into the scabs, but that won't be any good to you if your horse is going to be shown.

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22-01-08, 11:57 AM
He's at the very start of rainscald, with the slight funny-sticky-ness.

No where near the scabby-mankyness that baby oil requires :lol:


22-01-08, 12:00 PM
iodine etc dries skin, making it more susceptible (I live in tropics, so big problem here) Use olive oil. No other oil really works. Let me know how you get on

22-01-08, 12:09 PM
Hi, I would use Quit itch. It really seems to work, I had NO success with the vetadine at all!

22-01-08, 12:30 PM
Hmmm, I'm in the Yarra Valley, so there's no problem with drying. I'd say that olive oil would be useful once the scabs have formed but as it's in the early stages, I'd prefer something that kills &/or prevents the fungus that causes rainscald. Don't want it to get to the stage of lesions or scabs!

I'm thinking I'll try the Povidone Iodine first (i think it's a consitituent of Quititch but I may be wrong). It's what I've used for years and since it's my first choice as the boy has only the very first signs of rainscald, I'll try it first. Touch wood, it will work. I'll let you know.

But please, suggestions! All I know is that chloramine is a great treatment for thrush in the feet/frog or for seedy toe (I've seen it do wonders). It's also used for purifying drinking water. But I know it's the devil for goldfish and you have to use water conditioners to remove chloramine from drinking water so that fish can tolerate it. Maybe it's because I'm a goldfish person that I have an aversion to chloramine :lol:


23-01-08, 06:53 AM
Shelley - I agree with puddles - Quititch is the way to go! It has iodine as well as another ingredient (the name of which escapes me) which is anti-fungal. Vetadine is only anti-bacterial which isn't very successful with fungal-related conditions. I've also had great success using thuja cream in conjuction with the Quititch. It is a herbal anti-fungal cream which also keeps the skin from drying out from the iodine. It is readily available at health food/herbal stores. Good luck :)

Le Le
23-01-08, 08:36 AM
you can dilute apple cider vinegar with a lil bit of water. Im pretty sure that doesnt bleach.

23-01-08, 02:18 PM

I use Maleseb which will stop rain scald in its tracts. You shampoo it on and leave for 10 minutes then rinse off. It is very cheap as you only need a small amount.

SB :-)

23-01-08, 02:59 PM
Copper sulphate is a natural anti-fungal and is cheap and easy to apply. Make a wash with 1/4 bucket of water and 2 tablespoons of copper sulphate. Slosh in a dash of apple cider vinegar (for itch ease and healing) and liberally dab this on at least once a day (twice is better).

Horses that dont have enough copper in their diets are prone to these fungal/bacterial things such as rain scald and greasy heel.