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23-01-08, 05:33 AM
My visit to the stud was a great day and it was good to see the progress of the horses which will be at Peppercorn Park on Sunday the 27th Jan.

http://www.cyberhorse.net.au/cgi-bin/tve/displaynewsitem.pl?20080122northernwarmbloodsvisit .txt

23-01-08, 07:43 AM
Thank you for an informative and entertaining article as always bernie.

I've always admired the northern horses, and I think australia is losing a fantastic stud. What I love about the northern horses is that by sticking to their principles, not only have Jan and Peter bred great horses, but they've bred horses that breed on into the generations. i have friends breeding with first and second generation northern horses, and what I find especially brilliant is that genetically they work.

too many warmblood breeders follow fashion, the latest being for frozen semen whatever, and breed horses that if the owner wasn't standing beside it with the docket to prove how much they spent getting that foal on the ground, you'd be standing there thinking - hmmm, oh, I see they're finally breeding larger carcases for the meat trade.

Not so Northern - they've stuck to the principles of soundness, temperament, fertility and hence bred horses that are proving to be solid foundations for many other breeders and riders alike.

So wish I'd won lotto over christmas and could afford a northern horse, but I can't. However I can only trust that the knowledgeable breeders who have started their studs with Northern horses will ensure that the legacy continues well into the future.

23-01-08, 09:06 AM
Yes, they are very nice horses, with perfect necks, too.
There will be a lot of very envied new owners.

23-01-08, 09:25 AM
I'll divert off EI issues to say that we went down to Northern over the New Year break and bought two mares. We have always admired the Northern horses.
Good luck to Peter and Jan and to the new owners of their horses.
I hope the sale goes well on Monday.

23-01-08, 11:09 AM
Isnt the sale on Sunday?

23-01-08, 11:59 AM
Sorry Sunday :-)

23-01-08, 12:08 PM
Rodh dam they caught you, you were planning on going back Sunday, snaffling a few more with less competiton :)

Wish I had a few dollars to spare for a couple of mares, certainly worth a look for any one wanting good solid proven bloodlines, you can then experiment as much as you want with what you use with them.

23-01-08, 12:25 PM
I am for one very sad to see this day.

Peter and Jan have guiding lights in the breeding of warmbloods. They have always stuck to their guns and believed the proof is in the pudding not on the paperwork.

I feel to some degree they have become victims to some extent, with the current fashion of having to use frozen semen and imports. And as Oscar Wilde said, "Fashion is something so ugly we feel compelled to change it every six months."

I will always remember what Peter said to me one day, "stick with your plan and dont swayed by the flavour of the month." This is true, and they are a perfect example of this. While studs following fashion have come and gone, they stood the test of time following what they believed.

They have produced more international horses than any, and I mean any stud in this country. Interestingly as Peter pointed out to me one day was how a certain rider who competed Northern horses internationally was getting higher percentages on their Northern horses, than what they were getting today on their "Imported" horse.

Infact in discussion about frozen with Peter, he said he had tried but what not impressed with it. Clients found that the horses by his stallions moved and were much better tempered than the frozen counterparts.

I salute Peter and Jan as this is quite definately the end of an era.

I would any anybody thinking of going to the Auction to go and buy, get something that can be ridden and will be an asset to you. I personally have four Nothern mares and their blood courses through our next generations as well. I am proud and always will be to have this blood in my broodmares, as soon it may irreplacable.

Elwood stinie
23-01-08, 03:27 PM
Will the results from this Auction be available anywhere?
Sadly I wont be going to the Auction but I would really love to know what kind of prices the horses sell for.
Especially Northern Illusion! What a sweety! I wish they put the horses heights on though! The rider doesnt look very tall so I am guessing the mare is around 16hh?

23-01-08, 03:53 PM
Hi There,

I will pass on these nice comments to Peter and Jan, I am sure it will be a sad day for them. I will be at the sale and will do a report - so watch this space.

23-01-08, 03:56 PM
Does this have any implications for the AWSHA?

Beck Star
23-01-08, 03:59 PM
I did work experience with Jan and Peter just over a year ago and my family is very good friends with her uncle. I got to work with their wonderful horses. They were a pleasure to work with. I got to see one of their mares free jump over about 1.1m and wow! The ability and natural talent she had would send her to the top in showjumping. Their new owners will definitely be envied around the traps and I would imagine the price to buy a Northern horse in the future will sky rocket.

Like everyone else I wish I could buy a horse. If only it was next Jan then I probably could have. I wish Jan good luck for the auction and the future.


23-01-08, 05:15 PM

I can't get down.
Will they do any telephone bidding?
What prices are they expected to go for?

are there reserves?

26-01-08, 06:10 AM
Bump. I'm interested in the answers to Princessmes questions as well.

26-01-08, 04:14 PM
still nothing
guess i will call.