View Full Version : Floods in Qld

23-01-08, 07:20 AM
I wonder how many of our horse owners and breeders are out there in the devastating flooded regions of Qld.

How they are coping, with the situation, and if there is anything that we could do for them.

Perhaps we CH members could organise feed and or fencing supplies to some of our sticken horse community members.
It would be good for us to all pull together for such a great cause.
Maybe some of us might even be able to volunter a few man hours to help clean up when the time comes.

I would be only to happy to pitch in some feed, fencing, and some man hours, one slight problem that I live in SA, but would happily come and lend a hand, if I could get some accomodation, I am happy to swag it as long as I can shower and eat. In return for this I will pay my own air fare and offer anyone that needs it, a weeks labour. Surely we could find trucks or something to get supplies to the region.

Does anyone else in CH land have any suggestions, and how to throw the logistics of something like this together.


23-01-08, 07:32 AM
I would love to help, but its a bit far away from where I live also. Did you see on Sunrise this morning, a guy was pulling his poor horse through the water from his jetski to try and get it to higher ground! Would have been a good workout for the horse tho!

23-01-08, 07:41 AM
Yes I did see that, that is what has got me thinking like this, we have had seasonal floods in the past, nothing at all like on the scale of Qld, but I do know how hard it is cleaning up after, with pulling up old fencing and disposing of dead stock,etc etc.

I don't think it would matter too much where people are from to be able to offer some sort of assistance.

Trucks go up through all states, surely we would be able to find someone who would be able to get a load up there for them.


23-01-08, 07:47 AM
I hadn't realised just how bad this flooding actually was until about an hour ago when I read the paper, not sure what can be done to help, other than perhaps offer any excess supplies to those in need, but the full extent of what is actually required will take some time to correlate as those waters do not look like receeding any time soon. I really feel for them all, mother nature can be cruel can't she.